Earth’s magnetic North Pole is getting closer and closer to Siberia with worrying speed

Tram Ho

Our earth is still in constant motion, and so is its magnetic north. Of course, we're not talking about the geographic north pole, because it can't go anywhere. What we are talking about here is the magnetic north pole, where our guide always points every time we open the compass.

The movements of the magnetic north pole are caused by molten lava flows inside the center of the Earth and are a very normal phenomenon. However, recently, the movements of the magnetic north are accelerating toward Siberia at an ominous speed, and scientists are still frantically working out the answer to this phenomenon.

"Since its discovery in 1831, the Earth's magnetic north has shifted a total of about 2,250 km," NECI said. "This movement is very slow, allowing us to easily track the position of the north magnetic pole."

Cực Bắc từ của Trái đất đang ngày càng tiến gần với Siberia với tốc độ đáng lo ngại - Ảnh 1.

  However, over the past 30 years, the speed of magnetic north travel has increased significantly – according to scientists' estimates that the magnetic north is moving towards Siberia, Russia at an average speed. about 55 km / year. Although the traveling speed of the magnetic pole has been decreasing to 40 km / year in the past few years, scientists still consider this an extremely unusual phenomenon and need to be considered.

"What is happening from 90 till now is that the Earth's magnetic north pole has been moving at a record speed for the past four centuries. We are still trying to find the cause of this phenomenon, but still No results, " geologist Ciaran Beggan said.

While trying to find the cause of this phenomenon, the researchers are relying on changes in the Earth's magnetic map to calculate and predict the possible future effects.

"Basically, these predictions will be accurate for the time being close to the time we make the forecast, and every five years we will make adjustments to ensure the forecasting model is always available. exactly, "said representative NECI.

Cực Bắc từ của Trái đất đang ngày càng tiến gần với Siberia với tốc độ đáng lo ngại - Ảnh 2.

The magnetic field map of the Earth shows that there will not be much change in the next five years.

The result of this phenomenon has occurred several times throughout the Earth's long history – that every few thousand years, when Earth's magnetic poles move far enough, the North and South poles will turn. pm.

We still cannot predict exactly when the next reversal of the two magnetic poles on Earth will occur. But if that happens in the near future, it will lead to a lot of volatility in what we consider common sense as directions, etc.

Fortunately, according to scientists' prediction, the Earth's magnetic field map will remain stable for at least the next 5 years.

According to Science Alert

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