Early risers are not necessarily successful, but it is not a coincidence that 90% of CEOs wake up before 6 am, what is their reason?

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Many studies have long shown that getting up early every morning brings many positive things in your life, including: more alertness, initiative, productivity as well as increased immunity for the body. and help the digestive system work better.

Người dậy sớm chưa chắc thành công nhưng không phải ngẫu nhiên 90% các CEO đều dậy trước 6h sáng, lý do của họ là gì? - Ảnh 1.

According to the American Medical Sleep Research Center, early morning is the most ideal time of day to accumulate positive energy. When a new day starts with good energy, you will be more productive that day.

Người dậy sớm chưa chắc thành công nhưng không phải ngẫu nhiên 90% các CEO đều dậy trước 6h sáng, lý do của họ là gì? - Ảnh 2.

And that is one of the reasons that the most successful people in the world have the habit of getting up early. They choose to make the most of every minute of the day because their life purpose trumps any short-term pleasure, like getting a few extra hours of sleep.

More than anyone else, they understand that a strong and consistent habit can help them succeed. Billionaire Ly Gia Thanh is an example: He once told an interview that for decades, whether he slept early or stayed up late, he always woke up before 6 am. Specifically, the billionaire has a habit of waking up at 5:57 am.

James Citrin – CEO of leadership consulting firm Spencer Stuart, has worked with more than 750 CEOs of a wide range of businesses large and small over the past 25 years. He usually wakes up at 6 a.m. to do various things such as exercise and reading.

Once, he decided to email 20 famous CEOs at once to ask what time they woke up and what they did during that time. And the results surprised him: 18 of them said they all woke up before 6 o’clock. Most use this time to exercise, meditate or read a book instead of checking email or surfing social media.

Prior to that, many studies have shown that up to 90% of CEOs wake up before 6 a.m. on weekdays and nearly 50% of self-made millionaires wake up at least 3 hours before their workday actually starts. begin.

From Tim Cook – Apple CEO, Jack Dorsey – Twitter boss to Bob Iger – former Disney CEO, all share that getting up early every day gives them more time to take care of themselves – something that doesn’t happen too often in Its a very busy working day.

Moreover, in the early morning, the human brain does not have to perform many different tasks at the same time. So it can work at full capacity. Realizing this, successful people often use early morning time to make full use of the brain’s function.

As a result, they make more accurate decisions. Great people understand that early morning willpower helps them achieve greater discipline. A disciplined morning leads to a whole day of discipline and this is exactly what contributes to their success.

Người dậy sớm chưa chắc thành công nhưng không phải ngẫu nhiên 90% các CEO đều dậy trước 6h sáng, lý do của họ là gì? - Ảnh 3.

Seemingly simple actions like exercising, enjoying a healthy breakfast, reading a book or sipping an early morning cup of coffee can set off a cascade of other productive behaviors throughout the day. . This is why getting up early becomes a competitive advantage for successful people.

It is a fact that early risers do not guarantee success, but nearly all successful people wake up early! In addition, successful people have a habit of going to bed early and making sure to get enough sleep. According to science, between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. is the ideal time to make the most of deep sleep and recover from a stressful day at work.

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