Dyson launches an air purifier with new sensor technology, priced at VND19.6 million

Tram Ho

Recently, the Dyson brand has released a new smart item called Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde. This is a series of non-difficult filters with new formaldehyde semiconductor sensor technology, designed to absorb ultrafine dust particles, allergens, and even remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There are many dangers, including formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a colorless, polluting gas emitted from furniture, wood products containing formaldehyde-based resins such as plywood and fiberboard, insulation, and craft products such as paints and stickers. wall, varnish and household cleaning products. Up to 500 times smaller than fine particles of 0.1 micrometer size, formaldehyde is difficult to remove, and if not detected early, prolonged exposure due to the continuously released chemicals in the air. gas, also known as off-gassing.

Dyson ra mắt máy lọc không khí với công nghệ cảm biến mới, giá 19.6 triệu đồng - Ảnh 2.

Precisely detecting and removing formaldehyde

Its new formaldehyde semiconductor electronic sensor works with a unique algorithm that accurately monitors formaldehyde levels – intelligently ignoring other gases, detected by a dedicated VOC sensor, according to Dyson. . Dyson redesigned the airflow path of the machine to achieve the fully sealed HEPA 13 standard filter – not only ensuring that no air passes through the filter, but also blocking any potential leak points. where dirt can enter the air stream.

Dyson ra mắt máy lọc không khí với công nghệ cảm biến mới, giá 19.6 triệu đồng - Ảnh 3.

In addition to the existing dust, NO2, VOC, temperature and humidity sensors, the integration of an intelligent formaldehyde sensor ensures accurate detection of contaminants throughout the lifetime of the machine. Liquid formaldehyde sensors can easily deteriorate as they dry out over time. Using an electrochemical battery source, Dyson’s formaldehyde sensor doesn’t dry out, and its unique intelligent algorithm helps it cross-check data per second, selectively detect formaldehyde to avoid confusion with other VOCs.

Dyson’s Selective Catalytic Oxidisation (SCO) filter continuously removes formaldehyde at the molecular level. The catalytic filter has a unique coating, structurally similar to the mineral Cryptomelane. Billions of slits the only atomic size are the optimal size and shape for capturing and removing formaldehyde, decomposing it into small amounts of water and CO2. Then, regenerate from oxygen in the air to continuously remove them without ever replacing the filter.

Dyson ra mắt máy lọc không khí với công nghệ cảm biến mới, giá 19.6 triệu đồng - Ảnh 4.

HEPA filter whole machine

Not only the filter, but also the entire machine meets the HEPA H13 standard. It captures the H1N1 virus and 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 micrometer such as allergens, bacteria, H1N1 virus *, pollen and mold spores. Dyson engineers have taken the forensic approach to achieve a completely sealed machine that creates high-pressure seals at 24 critical points, preventing dirty air from passing through filters or carrying pollutants. Infection returned to the room.

Air Multiplier technology

Using Dyson Air Multiplier Technology, the machine can emit pure air stream for every corner of the room. The automatic mode allows the unit to maintain the temperature and air quality in the room, while the unit can be fully controlled using the Dyson Link app and activated by voice control.

Dyson ra mắt máy lọc không khí với công nghệ cảm biến mới, giá 19.6 triệu đồng - Ảnh 5.


The new Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde air purifier is available in white / gold and metal / gold and is priced at 19,590,000 VND.

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