Dual benefit when hunting “beast” Galaxy M12 on Shopee

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Look no further, the “beast” summer portrait has been clearly outlined through the Galaxy M12, a powerful smartphone sold by Samsung on Shopee. If you are still wondering about this option, please take a closer look at this “baby phone” to clearly see the great advantages of having it with you.

Say no to the jerky, lagging “nightmare”

Nothing can make you lose interest faster than a game where the character moves at the speed of a tortoise, each teamfight is a failure because … the engine. Because of that, the appearance of a smartphone with an 8-core processor, 4GB of RAM and a screen with a refresh rate of up to 90Hz like the Galaxy M12 is really “revolutionary”. This parameter is even on par with many high-end smartphones today, providing a smooth experience in all tasks, from simple web surfing, social media surfing to “heavyweight” things like gaming. high painting.

Lợi đơn lợi kép khi săn “mãnh thú” Galaxy M12 trên Shopee - Ảnh 1.

Huge configuration, “quality” screen is “key” to help Galaxy M12 open up a world of entertainment

In addition to the terrible processor, Galaxy M12 is also equipped with up to 64GB of internal memory and can be expanded up to 1TB via memory card. Now you can freely store images, clips, messages, download applications … without worrying about affecting the operation of the device. Particularly for those who are planning to plow movies this summer, it is even more impossible to ignore the Galaxy M12 because this smartphone is equipped with a 6.5-inch infinity screen, a cinema standard 20: 9 aspect ratio. look perfect like the cinema.

Become a social networking star with 4 cameras

Let’s end those days of sighing because the image is less like by hunting a Galaxy M12 right away. This “Beast” owns 4 genuine cameras with many specialized photography features. You can “dazzle” Facebook with stunning photos taken from the super wide-angle lens, conquering Instagram with a series of close-up photos taken from the artistic macro camera. In addition, the camera erasing the background will also produce shimmering bokeh photos when walking around at night. For fans of TikTok recording or livestream system players, the 48MP main camera will surely bring sparkling frames and beat the hearts of viewers the fastest.

Lợi đơn lợi kép khi săn “mãnh thú” Galaxy M12 trên Shopee - Ảnh 2.

The Galaxy M12 camera on Shopee has a high degree of professionalization, suitable for many different types of photos and videos

Overflowing with energy all day long

Summer is always a time of cherishing a lot of plans, such as working part-time, participating in volunteer programs, trying out extra-curricular courses, … Of course, no one wants to embark on a rechargeable battery. room next to me because the phone could not stand until the end of the day, interrupting communication. If you have any concerns, please return to the Galaxy M12 team right away. The combination of 5,000 mAh battery and 15W super fast charging on this smartphone will bring you a continuous experience all day long. This battery capacity is estimated to last up to 3 days if you only listen to music, have enough talk power for 2 consecutive days and have enough energy for you to surf the web all day.

Lợi đơn lợi kép khi săn “mãnh thú” Galaxy M12 trên Shopee - Ảnh 3.

Don’t worry about losing connection or interrupting communication with the Galaxy M12’s awesome battery

The price “collapsed”, incentives were overwhelming

In addition to the intrinsic attraction, Galaxy M12 also has a big plus when it is open for sale on Shopee, the famous trading floor “willing to play” with many valuable incentives every day. Currently, the listed price of Galaxy M12 is 3,890,000 VND for the 4GB / 64GB version and 3,490,000 VND for the 3GB / 32GB version with two color options: Black and Blue, quite attractive compared to the companies. technology on the Galaxy M12. In particular, at 12 noon on August 8, there will be a flash sale time frame of 100,000 dong for this new toe “beast” duo. In addition, do not forget that you can still use a lot of discount vouchers at the same time on Shopee, from the voucher of the floor, the voucher with free shipping to the voucher of the e-wallet, the voucher of the shop … so that the final price. The reality is much better.

Lợi đơn lợi kép khi săn “mãnh thú” Galaxy M12 trên Shopee - Ảnh 4.

Galaxy M12 open for sale on Shopee also offers the opportunity to hunt for good prices for users

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