Dragging 99 smartphones on the street to fake traffic jams is tricking Google Maps

Tram Ho

A German man pulled 99 smartphones to the street to trick Google Maps into traffic.

Not only is Google Maps a map tool, this app can also make route suggestions based on traffic conditions, helping drivers avoid traffic jams. However, a man has found a way to deceive Google Maps, creating a fake traffic jam so other vehicles don’t get in the way he goes.

Adhesive 99 smartphone outside of the Google Maps contact list image 1 Screenshot_7.jpg
The man pulled 99 smartphones on the road to make traffic jam on Google Maps.

Simon Weckert, who shares technology knowledge, lives in Berlin, Germany, using 99 smartphones to create fake traffic jams on Google Maps. Weckert downloaded Google’s mapping application to 99 smartphones and put them in a small container, dragging across the street. Weckert wherever you go, the Google Maps application updates traffic congestion on the map.

Weckert’s experiments forced the driver in a restricted area to pass through where Weckert pulled his 99 smartphone boxes.

Weckert’s trick worked because Google Maps measured traffic jams based on the number of devices using navigation on the app. Google Maps will appear blue with routes with few mobile devices and red if multiple smartphones are operating on the same road.

Page 9to5Google thinks this is a potential vulnerability of Google Maps in the future. “The company should take measures to prevent the abuse of this feature in the future because it can adversely affect traffic conditions,” 9to5Google wrote.


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Source : Techtalk