Drag Gesture

Tram Ho

A dragging motion that invokes an action as the drag-event sequence changes.

Apple Documentation

In this tutorial, we will learn what Drag Gesture in SwiftUI is:

  • .onChanged.
  • .updating.
  • .onEnded.
  • limit scrolling.


To follow along with this tutorial, you’ll need some basic knowledge about:

  • Basic with Swift.
  • Xcode 11 and above


onChanged changes the value of the position as you drag.

First, create a variable to save the size. With the variable below, the object is placed at coordinates where x and y are 50

When the rectangle moves, you will change the rectPosition

As a result you will have a moving rectangle as shown below.


You can tell if the user is pulling or not by getting the state . First, create a GestureState to keep it dragged.

Here, you cannot update isDragging as it is read-only. However, you can update the state then it will update isDragging .


In many cases, you only want to take the action after the user has finished dragging the object. First, create a variable to know if the user finished dragging or not.

Use the same code as above and tweak it a bit, for the color to change if x is less than 120.


Limit horizontal scrolling

If you just want it to scroll vertically, just change the y value.

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