Dr. Le Quoc Hung: In addition to masks, washing hands, do not forget this “key” Covid-19

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According to Dr. Le Quoc Hung – Head of the Department of Tropical Diseases, Cho Ray Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, Sars-Cov-2 virus is like other viruses that cause respiratory infections with the same mechanism of disease causing other viruses. In addition to wearing a mask, washing your hands often is not enough, but a final stop is to gargle.

 TS Lê Quốc Hùng: Ngoài khẩu trang, rửa tay, đừng quên chốt chặn Covid-19 quan trọng này - Ảnh 1.

According to Dr. Hung, when entering the pharynx area, the virus will penetrate into the mucosa cells and multiply, from one animal will produce hundreds.

Growing large enough in number and structure they will break down the cell to spread out and each will find a way into a new cell. Just like that, the development cycle is repeated many times and deeper into the body. This stage is the incubation period.

At some point (depending on the health of each person) a sufficiently large number of viruses to break down the human defense mechanism, the disease will emerge. This is the onset of the disease.

Thus, during the incubation period, the person carrying the virus has no symptoms so others cannot know. This is extremely dangerous because this time they have the ability to silently spread the virus to others.

To prevent the disease, Dr. Hung thinks that the best way is to prevent the virus from entering his or her throat to attack the respiratory system.

Preventive measures such as avoiding gathering in crowded places, staying far away from people suspected of being infected with more than 2m, wearing masks including cloth masks and medical masks, regularly washing hands with antiseptic solution and soapy water.

However, Dr. Hung shared, in addition to the above preventive measures, according to Dr. Hung’s experience a final stopper in case the above measures are ignored. This is a very important stopper, although it has been mentioned, but maybe the implementation is not correct and enough is gargling with antiseptic solution.

Once the virus has overcome the aforementioned “firewalls”, the throat antiseptic solution will be available to destroy it.

And when the virus after multiplying breaks the cell out, the disinfectant solution is also waiting to destroy it. Thus, both uninfected and infected people, the throat antiseptic solution will be the last resort to prevent infection as well as spread the disease.

 TS Lê Quốc Hùng: Ngoài khẩu trang, rửa tay, đừng quên chốt chặn Covid-19 quan trọng này - Ảnh 2.

Doctor Le Quoc Hung

Dr. Hung said that people need to remember to use antiseptic solution in the throat to rinse the mouth needs to be properly effective.

There are some types of disinfectant that can kill the virus, but there are others. When using disinfectant solution, users should pay attention to whether they have the ability to kill viruses in different time periods, some lasting 1-2 hours after contact but with the longer than 4 hours.

To determine this, users should keep track of the indicators on the manufacturer’s labels.

Principles of gargle

Dr. Hung said that in order to gargle safely, the right way people need to remember to gargle, not gargle. This means trying to get the solution down to the deepest part of your throat.

Second, do not need too much in one rinse, about 5ml is enough. The more you have, the harder it is to bring the solution down to the throat.

 TS Lê Quốc Hùng: Ngoài khẩu trang, rửa tay, đừng quên chốt chặn Covid-19 quan trọng này - Ảnh 3.

Do not forget to contact the throat

Third, gargle before going out, and as soon as you get home from your home (or as soon as you have close contact with others). If on the plane, you should contact every 3 hours (with chlohexidin) or immediately after eating.

Fourth, in the epidemic area, contact periodically according to the time of effect of each solution.

Fifth, each time about 2 minutes, including three times down the throat each time about 15 seconds. After finishing rinsing, do not rinse with water.

Dr. Hung also recommends not subjectively think that this last stopper replaces other measures. The effectiveness of disease prevention is the comprehensive coordination of all measures.

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