Don’t trust what Google advertises about the security of face unlock on Pixel 4

Tram Ho

Don’t let other people touch your brand new Pixel 4. The Face Unlock feature of Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 4 XL has been confirmed to work even when your eyes are closed.

According to TechRadar, Google actually guessed this situation could happen: in the Security settings of the device, you will see a warning that the phone can be unlocked if someone picks up the phone. face – even if their eyes are closed.

This leads to some obvious problems. If Google’s Face Unlock allows access to the phone even when it’s closed, then anyone can grope your phone by just putting it in front of you when you’re asleep. Anyone will be able to access your phone without you having to be awake – or theoretically, alive.

This problem is extremely serious, because in the worst situations, forcing you to unlock your phone becomes easier than ever. To make matters worse, Google has removed the fingerprint sensor entirely on the Pixel 4, meaning you no longer have biometric security options to replace. You can use a PIN or draw a pattern to unlock it, but these methods are not very convenient if you regularly check your phone.

Đừng tin những gì Google quảng cáo về độ bảo mật của mở khóa khuôn mặt trên Pixel 4 - Ảnh 1.

Biometric security has never been absolutely secure

To be fair, this is not the first time a biometric security system has had a major problem. And this is not the worst case ever.

People have been fooling into facial scanning systems with just a few pictures of a user’s face, or a 3D printed mask, for example. In the case of Pixel 4, Google claims that Face Unlock will not be fooled by the same old tactic as the Earth.

Even if the fingerprint unlock is posted on the Pixel 4, this feature may be subject to interference. If you injured your arm, or slept too deeply, someone could just place your finger on the sensor. Samsung is currently facing criticism when its Galaxy S10 flagship model failed to allow any fingerprints to bypass the in-screen fingerprint sensor.

So, if the Pixel 4’s biometric sensors aren’t perfectly secure, that’s not the worst security flaw. And Google still has enough time to fix it before it is delivered to consumers.

Google Pixel 4 will be available on October 24, while Google is still actively improving the security features of the device. A lot of recent leaked information about the Pixel 4 has shown an option that requires users to open their eyes to use Face Unlock, so rest assured that maybe a feature update will be released soon.

Reference: TechRadar

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