Don’t be foolish: Apple’s tightening of security on the iPhone turned out to be good for hackers

Tram Ho

Apple has always had a reputation for maintaining tight security on iPhones, but according to cyber security experts, that turned out to be helping the most talented hackers. This could be the indirect cause of the hacked and leaked iPhone X of billionaire Jeff Bezos.

Apple has made a lot of efforts to lock down the iPhone’s operating system. They even limit the number of people outside the company who can access iOS bug fixing tools to prevent them from getting into the hands of malicious hackers.

Khôn quá hóa dại: việc Apple siết chặt bảo mật trên iPhone hóa ra lại giúp ích cho các cao thủ hacker - Ảnh 1.

But according to security experts with the Washington Post, while protecting the iPhone from mediocre hackers, it is useless against the world’s top hackers.

Although it is difficult to find security holes on iOS, spy agencies and some security companies still have the necessary resources for this.

Apple’s multi-layered security is amazing and really useful for ordinary users, but once you are the target of a talented enemy or a dangerous organization, the advanced security capabilities of These devices can be used against you . ” Patrick Wardle said the Washington Post. Wardle previously worked in the US National Security Agency.

Security experts point out that Apple’s limited number of people looking for security holes is making it difficult to find and patch.

Khôn quá hóa dại: việc Apple siết chặt bảo mật trên iPhone hóa ra lại giúp ích cho các cao thủ hacker - Ảnh 2.

As a result, there are real-world examples of Apple devices falling victim to security attacks carried out by many governments. Most recently, billionaire Jeff Bezos’ iPhone X was allegedly hacked by senior agencies working for Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman. A device analysis report said the attack was most likely caused by NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware. Previously the UK and the US are said to have used this spyware.

In another case, the FBI successfully cracked the iPhone of Lev Parnas, the partner of Mr. Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer of President Donald Trump. Although the agency may take up to two months to do so, it shows that it is possible to crack the iPhone.

Perhaps Apple is well aware of this problem as they are increasingly looking for security holes on the iPhone. The company recently introduced a program to send developer iPhones to selected hackers, to help them dig deeper into iPhone processors and memory to find vulnerabilities.

They also increased the amount paid to researchers to identify security holes, not only on iOS but also on MacOS, TvOS, watchOS and iCloud. The biggest prize money that Apple has given to finding this vulnerability is $ 1 million.

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