Doing business online, an individual in Hanoi pays 23 billion VND in tax

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The latest statistics of the Ministry of Information and Communication show that, by the end of 2020, there are about 15,000 YouTube channels with the money-making button, of which about 350 channels have large revenue, from 1 million subscribers. Watch channels upwards. However, only 30% of them, equivalent to about 5,000 channels, are managed by YouTube’s network companies in Vietnam with full tax declaration and payment.

According to the law, individuals having income from business activities with turnover of over 100 million VND / year will pay 2% personal income tax (PIT) and 5% value added tax, total. will pay 7% of the turnover.

However, the tax revenue from this sector is still quite modest compared to the general revenue. As revealed by the leaders of the General Department of Taxation, in 2020, the estimated tax revenue from business activities, online sales of organizations and individuals (Facebook, YouTube, Google …) is only about 1,000 billion VND.

Private exchange with Tien Phong newspaper, leaders of Tax Department. Hanoi said that, pursuant to Article 42 of the Law on Tax Administration No. 38/2019 / QH14, which stipulates the principles of tax declaration and tax calculation, taxpayers declare, calculate, pay taxes themselves and take responsibility before the law. about the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of tax records …

Based on tax filings of taxpayers and database of tax administration, total revenues in 2019 and 2020 for individuals earning income from e-commerce activities (Google, Facebook, Youtube) City Tax Department. Hanoi earned 148 billion. In which, in 2019 it is 25 billion VND, in 2020 it is 123 billion VND (up 492% compared to 2019).

Particularly, there are 3 individuals paying tax of over VND 7 billion (the highest is VND 23 billion) with the turnover corresponding to the paid tax amount of more than 100 billion VND. Individuals register, declare and pay tax at Tax Departments of districts, towns, areas where individuals permanently reside, “leaders of the City Tax Department. Hanoi said.

For the information of taxpayers, leaders of the City Tax Department. Hanoi said that tax authorities are responsible for keeping taxpayer information confidential in accordance with the Law on Tax Administration, which is not disclosed.

It can be seen that, with Google rankings announcing Vietnam’s Top 10 most prominent YouTube creators in 2020, these channels are also earning “huge” income each year.

 Kinh doanh online, một cá nhân ở Hà Nội nộp thuế 23 tỷ đồng - Ảnh 1.

Social Blade’s ranking of top YouTube channels as of January 14, 2021

Topping the Top 10 most prominent YouTube creators in 2020 is MixiGaming (Degree Mixi). According to estimates of the Social Blade site specializing in ranking social media accounts including YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and Instagram … with 4.45 million subscribers and more than 1.2 billion views, estimated Do Mixi channel has income from 145,700 – 2.3 million USD within 1 year, equivalent to 3.35 – 53 billion VND.

 Kinh doanh online, một cá nhân ở Hà Nội nộp thuế 23 tỷ đồng - Ảnh 2.

Tran Thanh Town canal is currently estimated income from more than 1.6 to 25.3 billion

Ranked No. 2 on the list is the Tran Thanh Town channel of MC Tran Thanh, which currently has 4.6 million subscribers and a total video views of more than 938.7 million. This channel is estimated to have income from 70,500 – 1.1 million USD within 1 year, equivalent to more than 1.6 – 25.3 billion VND.

Followed by Hau Hoang channel, which currently has 6.97 million subscribers and more than 2.16 billion views. Social Blade estimated that this institutional music channel earned from 62,700 to 1 million USD within 1 year, equivalent to 1,44-23 billion VND.

 Kinh doanh online, một cá nhân ở Hà Nội nộp thuế 23 tỷ đồng - Ảnh 3.

Thien An Official estimated revenue from the equivalent of 3 – 44 billion / year

Ranked 4th is “Thien An Official” with more than 3.28 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views of the channel. Social Blade estimated that within 1 year this channel could earn 129,500 – 1.9 million USD, equivalent to 3 – 44 billion VND.

In particular, although ranked 5th in the Top 10 most creative YouTube channels in 2020, Anh Tham Tu channel specializes in building fraudulent situations, real accidents that happen … has the highest income. Mr. Tham Tu currently has 2.14 million subscribers with more than 1 billion views and is estimated to have an income of 334,500 – 5.4 million USD within 1 year, equivalent to 7.7 to 124 billion VND.

Cris Devil Gamer channel specializing in games brings in from 101,600 – 1.6 million USD per year, equivalent to 2.33 – 36.8 billion VND.

Hay Di Di is the official YouTube channel of the girl with a funny, funny personality and the author of the music clips that are always welcomed by millions of audiences with an income of 97,300 – 1.6 million USD in one year, equivalent to VND 2.23 – 36.8 billion.

Break Media channel currently has 2.05 million subscribers, more than 1 billion views, annual revenue is estimated from 249,200 USD to 4 million USD, equivalent to 5.7 – 92 billion VND.

Meanwhile, FAP TV is the channel of a comedy group with a towering income of 217,900 – 3.5 million USD, equivalent to 5 – 80.5 billion VND.

Finally, the Quynh Tran JP & Family channel – Life in Japan is estimated to have an income of between 86,500 – 1.4 million USD, equivalent to nearly 2 – 32.2 billion VND.

Social Blade’s statistics show that the TONY TV channel of Vo Phuc Vinh (from Dong Thap) also has a “huge” income of about 21 billion VND / year. In 2020, TONY TV’s biggest video belongs to the contest “Chef King – Finding King Shrimp” with more than 30 million views, earning more than 270 million dong. For the whole year 2020, TONY TV owns more than 2.3 billion views, equivalent to a revenue of more than 920,000 USD, or about more than 21 billion VND (1.7 billion VND / month).

Another prominent face is Tho Nguyen with an income of about 16 billion VND in 2020. Thanks to continuous content creation, Tho Nguyen has earned more than 1.7 billion views in 2020, averaging 144 million views / month. And the result of this huge amount of View is the revenue of nearly 700,000 USD in 2020, equivalent to 16 billion VND (more than 1.3 billion VND per month), equivalent to many current giants.

 Kinh doanh online, một cá nhân ở Hà Nội nộp thuế 23 tỷ đồng - Ảnh 4.

YouTube channel Tho Nguyen currently has more than 6.1 billion views

The video content that brings this terrible number to Tho Nguyen are toys, instructions for making simple dishes, instructions for making handmade items, and fun challenges. Up to now, Tho Nguyen’s channel has more than 8 million subscribers. This is also the force that helps Tho Nguyen to generate huge revenue to rank the Top 1 on the Youtube market in Vietnam.

According to the latest tax administration law, the tax amount each YouTuber above must pay from a few tens of millions to billions of dong, for example, the MixiGaming channel collects from 3.35 to 53 billion dong, the corresponding tax is from 234 5 million to 3.7 billion; Tran Thanh Town canal with income from 1.6 to 25.3 billion, with tax payable from 112 million to 1.77 billion …

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