Documentation videos and audios for Python learners and studies

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Welcome to the final article of the “Glad to Python” part of the “Explore Python Citadel” series

Video and audio material for Python learners and studies

The content in this series article is from “Python headquarters” , I write in my language with other documents that I find relevant and useful for the topic of the article.

The following article is about the page “ Audio / Video Instructional Materials for Python ” ha.

Video and audio material for Python learners and studies

On page n, Python headquarters gives us many good quality resources, invite you to visit, but there are also sources that are out of date, old. Therefore, in this post I only introduce the best ones according to me.


What is a podcast? It’s an audio presentation that you can download or play from the Internet, and that’s it.

I love podcasts very much, love the genre of listening to heart, updating knowledge or simply because it is the feeling of interacting with people, not with the machine. In fact, coding and working online so much and then doing projects through chat channels, management tools, email communication,… reminds me of a strange human voice.

My criteria are also very simple, the first is that the page is a bit eye-catching, the host is also a little cute, the more active energy possible, the more sub-available, the more I love English idiots.

As for the content, due to my limited level, I find something that is easy to understand, I previewed, so sometimes it is not suitable for everyone, if anyone wants to see all, remember to go to the av page to search more. home.

Two great podcasts can be mentioned:

Talk Python To Me Podcast

Some little information:

– Host is Michael Kennedy, founder of Talk Python To Me, from Portland, OR. He also develops many live Python courses called Talk Python Training. Michael is an entrepreneur, father of three daughters, husband, always learning, and teacher.

– Take Python To Me Podcast started 3/2015, weekly articles on Python related topics, as well as other topics like MongoDB, AngularJS, DevOps. Each post is a conversation with guests who are industry experts.

Some of the things I like best:

– The host’s voice is quite easy to hear, lots of positive energy.

– In the Episodes table, there is the column Guests, where the names of the invited people are specified in each song.

Podcast ni has transcript and is recorded over time. Just update my knowledge, listen to English and read sub to get used to it, it’s too difficult to ignore Google Translate to understand.

The Python Podcast. init

Some little information:

– Host is Tobias Macey is a dedicated engineer with many years of experience in many fields. Currently leads and manages the Technical Operations team of MIT Open Learning, where he designs and builds cloud infrastructure for online access to the education system of the global MIT community. In addition, he is also the owner of Boundlass Notions, LLC where he designs, evaluates, implements data infrastructure and automates cloud computing. In addition to Podcasts. init , the “Data Engineering Podcast” is where he explores the new challenges that data engineers face and offers many solutions.

– Podcast. init starts in March 2014, with one episode per week, offering great Python community stories, lots of useful information about projects, foundations, and lessons. practices that engineers (programmers), leaders, and data scientists need to learn and advance careers.

– Diverse topics include: data science (data science), DevOps, web application (web application), scientific research, open source, computer science (machine learning), …

Some of the things I like best:

– This podcast has transcripts, everyone, this is most suitable for people with limited language like me. While listening to the sub, the English level will be up there, fighting, and remember to turn on the follow transcript to listen.

– This podcast has a speed setting too, I might listen more slowly if I can’t keep up.

– The page has little advertising, you can click and listen immediately.


In this section, python official website introduces 2 sources, that is: and a youtube channel pycon08.

About pycon08, this channel is quite old (11 years ago) and the content and quality at that time were not very good, so I asked for permission not to introduce much.

What I like is , this is a good value for money, but it’s free guys !

There is a huge amount of python videos here, tens of thousands of videos, many of which come from more than 400 events about Python around the world.

Good yet genuine yet, take a look!

I like the statistics column on the left side of very much, it allows me to get where I need to go immediately.

What are you looking for? Videos from latest events

PyData Austin 2019 (34 videos)

PyData New York City 2019 (2014 – 2019) (70 videos)

PyCon SE 2019 (32 videos)

( List of events here )

Videos from the most active speakers

Russell Keith-Magee (67 videos)

James Powell (48 videos)

Kevin Markham (43 videos)

Dustin Ingram (42 videos)

Andrew Godwin (42 videos)

Or videos from the tags that are most interested in

lightning talks (459 videos)

talk (360 videos)

tutorial (292 videos)

django (219 videos)

python (197 videos)

This is truly a huge and valuable media resource.

Thank you “Python Headquarters”.

I hope people like me will focus more on valuable things like this, instead of going to Google and Youtube to search for the advertised products that hit the face, they are really good, but the cost is not less, guys.


During the process of researching, I found this source quite interesting, kind of unbearable, I could not help but save it somewhere, so to save the bonus ni part.


This is the most massive Python programming guide I’ve seen, the whole channel has about 1000 videos and the majority of Python tutorials, from 2012 to present. This guy is American and speaks English with an American accent that is easy to hear.

There are not only basic Python lessons, but also many content related to Python application in different fields such as: machine learning, finance, data analysis, robotics, web development, and games. …

Here are the most popular series:

– Deep Learning with Python, TensorFlow, and Keras tutorial (11 videos)

– Data Analysis w / Python 3 and Pandas (6 videos)

– PyGame with Python 3 Game Development (29 videos)

– Python Programming for Finance (28 videos)

– NLTK with Python 3 for Natural Language Processing (21 videos)

– Practical Flask Web Development Tutorials (35 videos)

– Matplotlib Tutorial Series – Graphing in Python (32 videos)

I am writing here, I become an official fan of sentdex guys, a resource is too much to share, right!


Today’s post is temporarily stopped here ha, thank you guys to visit my house. In the following article, I will join ” The PI Computer ” with The Python Tutorial.

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