Docker on Windows is as easy as on Linux

Do you want to run Docker on Windows like this? See details below for instructions! ?


Docker on Windows has 2 versions:

  • Docker for Windows requires Windows 10 OS to turn on Hyper-V (not all machines are supported and not stable)
  • Docker Toolbox can be installed on any Windows OS based on VirtualBox (limited by VirtualBox's default settings).

To run Docker on Windows the easiest, you will usually install Docker Toolbox . However, installing and using Docker Toolbox on Windows will encounter a lot of problems:

  • Not running the docker command in addition to Docker Quickstart Terminal is very inconvenient
  • Save drive space C by default the Docker VM setting will be saved on drive C
  • Limited to 20GB disk size due to Docker VM's default settings that lead to debris many Docker Images will eventually run out of disk space soon
  • Operation of the docker command on Windows is not convenient due to the limitation of cmder on Windows.

To solve this problem, follow the instructions below:

1. Download the latest Docker ToolBox stable version

  • Install as usual
  • Absolutely not run Docker Toolbox after installation is complete (so that it does not initialize itself with the default setting)

2. Set up environment variables:

Explain the above settings to help:

  • Save Docker's data to another drive (here is drive D directory D: data docker)
  • Environment variables help run docker commands in addition to Docker Quickstart Terminal

3. Create Docker Machine:

Create a folder to store data for Docker:

Go to CMD and type the following command to create Docker Machine:

Note: the above command will create disk-size ~ 100GB for ease of use (you can manually adjust this disk-size)

4. Run Docker Quickstart Terminal to start Docker VM

Search + Run:

5. Install the most popular Cmder – Commander on Windows

This is no different commander Terminal on Linux, even more amazing:

  • Very nice interface transparent window + Monokai theme with many colors makes it easy to see the commands
  • Having Tab and dividing multiple Console boxes helps manage tracking easily
  • Copy / insert with shortcut + right mouse button
  • Support a lot of popular scripts of Linux CMD

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