Docker now has native Mac and Windows apps

Ngoc Huynh

Docker is now available for Mac and Windows via a new beta program in celebration of its third birthday.

It’s a neat move for those who don’t like using VirtualBox, as Docker notes its desktop app uses Alpine Linux on top of xhyve (Mac) or Hyper-V (Windows) to run virtual machines. The virtual machine is also managed by the Docker app, so there’s no need for docker-machine.

Edit and test cycles for ‘in container’ can also be handled by Docker for desktop, because it handles volume mounting. There’s also a DNS server for containers, which are integrated with OS X and Windows. For Mac, Docker also works via VPN.

With the app, you’ll also get Docker command line, Docker Compose and Docker Notary command line.

If you’re interested in giving Docker for Mac or Windows a shot, you can sign up for the private beta program. You won’t get immediate access, but Docker is letting users in regularly.

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