Do not use cash – a new habit of Vietnamese people

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In the chain of activities of ACB WIN 2020, ACB held an online discussion on the topic “Cashless Society” for the community yesterday as a direction to provide more information for those interested. competition.

Không dùng tiền mặt - thói quen mới của người Việt - Ảnh 1.

A trend is gradually becoming a habit

Host of the livestream, Mr. Nguyen Tran Nam (Deputy Director – ACB Digital Banking Department) opened with the story “forgot to bring wallet” for speakers.

In the past, if we forgot our wallet, we would think of borrowing money for temporary use or “catastrophic” rather than trying not to spend then. “But now, we can think of a plan to use smartphones to pay” – Mr. Tu Tien Phat (Deputy General Director of ACB). Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Uyen (Deputy General Director of ACB) further revealed, in the near future, if you need cash but forget to bring your wallet, customers of ACB can use the form of withdrawal without a ‘cash by code’ card at ATM / CDM in the whole system.

Cashless payments are shifting from a gradual trend to a daily spending habit. In fact, most users are also used to using cards instead of cash from the past. Currently, not only individual customers but businesses also use cards to control cash flow, instant cash advance or automatic salary payment.

According to Mr. Nguyen Hieu Nhan (Director of Corporate Banking Division of ACB), many retail businesses also encourage customers to make cashless payments. They increased POS machines, QR code to reduce tallying costs, change money, cash deposit. In the near future, ACB will also launch softPOS.

Không dùng tiền mặt - thói quen mới của người Việt - Ảnh 2.

Competition between forms of non-cash payments

The emergence of more and more useful solutions to serve the habit of not using cash has created a “healthy competition” between forms of payment.

An interesting question arises: which form will prevail? Mr. Phat affirmed that competition is obvious, and which solution creates greater customer engagement will gain advantage. As is the case with e-wallets, which often launch promotions when trading through the wallet, because there are so many options, when this wallet is out of promotion, users will quickly switch to another wallet.

However, the biggest challenge is not the competition between types of products / services but to keep customers. The customer engagement program is very important, must be attractive and makes it easy for customers to use their own offers. Customers accumulate bonus points for all transactions with ACB and can redeem them for 120 different kinds of gifts, all on digital platforms. ACB’s Lifestyle App is one such application.

Không dùng tiền mặt - thói quen mới của người Việt - Ảnh 3.

Increase customer peace of mind about digital products / services

Statistics of the State Bank of Vietnam show that the growth in the number and value of electronic payment transactions in 2019 via mobile banking is 198% and 210% respectively; the channels of ineternet banking and e-wallet also grew about 37-86% over the same period. This impressive growth also has implications with increasing forms of fraud and increasingly sophisticated card hacking. Are non-cash transactions safer than traditional forms?

Ms. Nhu Uyen said that over the years, ACB has invested heavily in enhancing the security of the banking technology system when the trend of moving transaction channels to online is increasing, and at the same time researching and developing digital products. high safety.

After giving some instructions to help customers keep information confidential when shopping online, shopping at POS machines, Mr. Nguyen Tam Khoa (Director of ACB Card Center) also revealed: “ACB will go one more ladder. Moreover, it is safer to pay for the card but only touch the card to the device but not hand it over. Obviously, with the contactless card (the card that connects to the POS machine), the ACB card holder fully enjoy this utility “.

ACB is improving and adding new features and products on internet banking and mobile banking such as the feature of withdrawing money at ATMs without cards, completely online insurance products, online savings products … at the same time. open more utilities to reach new customers without having to meet face-to-face through the upcoming launch of eKYC solutions to open accounts, e-forms for both S&T and corporate customers.

The ACB WIN 2020 contest is opening the door to receive the entries for the topic “Cashless Society” from now until September 30, 2020. You can visit for details about the contest.

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