Do not turn on and off the computer many times, it takes effort but does not bring any benefit

Tram Ho

Many people have the misconception that they often turn off their computers when they are not in use for a short period of time, such as during a lunch break. Basically, this is a pretty redundant thing because it brings no benefit at all.

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Today’s computers are designed for continuous operation

Today’s computers are designed to be stable for a long time. So, don’t worry if you turn on the computer from morning to night or continuously for many days, it is completely within the safe range when using.

Besides, keeping the computer in operation also helps to minimize the risk of mold. It should be remembered that the climate in Vietnam has high humidity, which causes great harm to electronic devices. In some cases when not in use for a long time, users should still occasionally start the computer and randomly run some applications. Remember that computers in particular and electronic components in general will last longer when operated regularly.

Instead of shutdown, choose sleep mode

To save power, new operating systems such as Windows 10 and 11 have upgraded and improved sleep mode (Sleep). This mode helps the computer cut down on most of the power consumption. Not only that, all programs and working files will still be kept as they are. You can continue your work at any time, instead of having to wait for the computer to restart.

Some computers even have a hibernate mode. This mode saves the current state of the PC to the drive and then gives the computer a rest. When you return to work, the state of the machine will be restored. Power consumption of sleep mode is extremely low. So you absolutely can not worry about this problem when putting the computer to sleep.

It is recommended to turn off the machine if not in use for a long time

If you don’t plan on using your computer for a few days or longer, shutting it down is essential. This ensures the safety of the grid. In some cases, if you are not going to use it for a long time (weeks, months), you should unplug the system to protect the system from damage from lightning strikes or other types of fire or short circuit risks.

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