Do not put your Wi-Fi router in these 3 places indoors, otherwise the 100 Mbps speed will turn into a crawl.

Tram Ho

As people’s lives become more and more inseparable from cell phones, people have also become very dependent on the internet. Although mobile carriers are constantly launching high-speed, high-capacity packages at low cost, when using a certain amount, the network speed will decrease and this will affect the human experience. use. And Wi-Fi only needs to pay, the network speed is not limited, so it will maintain a good experience. And that’s why Wi-Fi becomes irreplaceable, especially in home life.

But, after a while, when the network speed does not improve but even slows down, people often check the router (or router) and replace it if it is too old. But few people notice that, other than the router itself, the location of the router is also very important. Only when you put the router in the right location will the network speed improve well, serving the needs of use.

And do not put the router in these 3 positions, otherwise the network speed even 100Mbps will also turn “turtle speed”.

Đừng đặt router Wi-Fi ở 3 vị trí này trong nhà, nếu không tốc độ 100 Mbps cũng hóa rùa bò - Ảnh 1.

First, the router should be placed away from home appliances. Because the operating time of household appliances is relatively large and the accompanying radiation is also quite high. These radiations will interfere with the ability of the router to a certain extent. And if the router’s signal is blocked, everyone’s network speed and network signal will naturally drop.

Many people do not pay attention to the location of the router, but often leave it directly next to some home appliances, because that will not cost extra space. Especially most users prefer to put the router on the TV or the top of the refrigerator. Although these locations do not take up too much area, they will greatly affect the network signal and network speed.

Đừng đặt router Wi-Fi ở 3 vị trí này trong nhà, nếu không tốc độ 100 Mbps cũng hóa rùa bò - Ảnh 2.

Second, because routers often have an unattractive design, especially with a “signal antennae” system, its appearance often affects the general aesthetic of the whole room. Therefore, many users will choose to place the router in some corners, then take out others to obscure it, so that few people realize the existence is still usable.

But doing so will also affect the router’s signal transmission, because the smaller the obstacle it encounters when transmitting the signal, the stronger the signal will be. If the router is again placed in a corner and then blocked by other things, the transmitted signal will be obstructed to a certain extent, causing the network signal and network speeds that everyone uses. Of course, many people will still be able to receive a normal signal and speed when they are near the device, but once they leave, they will clearly feel that the network speed and network signal are getting worse.

Đừng đặt router Wi-Fi ở 3 vị trí này trong nhà, nếu không tốc độ 100 Mbps cũng hóa rùa bò - Ảnh 3.

Third, some people will put the old router working together with the new one after it has been replaced, because it is “lazy” or think the network speed will be twice as high, or have two systems for convenience. But doing it this way will make a serious mistake, because the new and old routers emit signals at the same time, causing their signals to collide with each other, causing the common signal to suffer. reduce. This is also an important reason that many people still cannot improve much in the speed and signal of their network, after replacing the new router.

It can be said that the location of the router is very important. If the current network speed and signal is not good, you must first check if the router itself has problems, if it is too old, it must be replaced promptly. But if that is not the problem of the router, check if its location is suitable or not. Always keep in mind that misplaced will affect the speed and signal received. If you want to improve the aesthetics, buy some separate racks or shelves to place them in the room, providing both general beauty and not affecting the signal speed of the network.

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