DJI Air 2S Flymore combo: 1-inch sensor, 5.3K video recording and a series of worthwhile upgrades

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One year since the launch of the Mavic Air 2, DJI has recently launched the successor to the Air 2S. Just reading the name, many people will think this is just a small upgrade, but in fact, this drone model offers a completely superior experience in image quality as well as the ability to fly more professionally.

Experience extreme flying with DJI Air 2 Flymore Combo

New 1-inch – 20mpx sensor delivers outstanding image quality

The biggest upgrade point and also the most valuable of the Air 2s is the image sensor up to 1 inch in size – equivalent to the sensor used in professional lines such as Mavic 2 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro (predecessor Air 2). only 0.5 inches). The 20MP resolution and 2.4μm raised pixel size allows the Air 2s to shoot better in low light conditions, delivering sharper image quality. This is also the leading high resolution in DJI’s current mid-range drones.

DJI Air 2S Flymore combo: Cảm biến 1 inch, quay video 5.3K và hàng loạt nâng cấp đáng tiền - Ảnh 2.

The 1-inch sensor gives it an edge when it comes to night scenes.

The Air 2S can now record video at up to 5.3K 30fps or 4K 60fps in 10-bit D-Log, and HLG can store up to 10 billion colors. This “huge” amount of information will make post-production easier and more efficient to produce the best quality footage.

In addition to the professional-level image quality upgrades of the Air 2s as above, it still inherits the hardware 3-axis gimbal system to increase smoothness, minimize shaking when shooting and recording, including even when flying fast or experiencing strong winds.

Strong improvement, Combo FlyMore many good things

The exterior design of the DJI Air 2s is almost no different from the Mavic Air 2 with similar dimensions and weight. If anyone has used Air 2, it will be very familiar, and most accessories can be shared, such as propellers, remote controls or batteries.

DJI Air 2S Flymore combo: Cảm biến 1 inch, quay video 5.3K và hàng loạt nâng cấp đáng tiền - Ảnh 3.

The whole set of DJI Air 2S with Flymore Combo is being sold for 31,390,000 VND.

The FlyMore Combo version still comes with a range of accessories such as 4 ND filters from 4 to 32 stops, 2 extra batteries, a charging dock for 3 batteries at the same time, 4 replacement propellers, 3 cables to connect to smartphones and 1 adapter to turn your battery Air 2S into a power bank for other devices. These accessories are indispensable if you want to fly professionally, especially the battery pack will bring the total flight time to more than 1 and a half hours for a full charge of all 3 tablets.

It can be seen that the DJI Air 2s is the version that combines the professional features of the Mavic 2 Pro into the lightweight design of the Air 2.

Send stronger, farther and more stable waves with OcuSync 3.0

OcuSync transceiver technology has also been upgraded by DJI to version 3.0 on the Air 2S. This version further improves the transceiver performance between the controller and the drone. In addition, the drone body is now equipped with up to 4 antennas instead of 2 to ensure a more stable, faster transmission and a maximum transmission distance of up to 12km (Air 2 and Mavic 2 Pro are 10 and 5, respectively). 8km).

In addition, the feature for professional users is the Live video (Live stream) of the Air 2S with the data transfer rate increased to 16Mbps to increase the quality of images transmitted directly from the Air 2S to the device. much improved.

Avoid objects more effectively, enhance flight safety

The obstacle identification system equipped on the Air 2s has mostly remained the same, but now there is one more pair of sensors pointing upwards. APAS 4.0 automatic object avoidance mode also has many improvements, combined with upgraded hardware will increase safety when flying over locations with many obstacles.

DJI Air 2S Flymore combo: Cảm biến 1 inch, quay video 5.3K và hàng loạt nâng cấp đáng tiền - Ảnh 4.

The Air 2S enhances flight safety by adding a new pair of sensors and smart technologies.

In addition, DJI has integrated a new technology, AirSense, which is capable of detecting waves emitted by civilian aircraft to avoid it from afar, minimizing unnecessary accidents.

Smart, convenient and efficient software

The Air 2S still has intelligent software features to create perfect movies like ActiveTrack 4.0, Point of Interest 3.0 and Spotlight 2.0. These are all features that are too familiar to DJI drone users and have been upgraded to a higher version with significantly better quality.

An impressive new point, the company has updated the Mastershots feature that can automatically calculate many different shooting angles, then the software will combine into a complete video to quickly share the moment on social networks. You just need to press the button and pose, the rest of the Air 2s “takes care of it”.

DJI Air 2S Flymore combo: Cảm biến 1 inch, quay video 5.3K và hàng loạt nâng cấp đáng tiền - Ảnh 5.

Quality DJI Fly application, plus many exciting new features only available on Air 2S.

Other features and technologies of the Air 2s are not much different from those of the Air 2, from the control software for smartphones to the remote controller.

The DJI Fly application is constantly being updated to optimize the interface and features, and the remote controller has a 3500mAh battery inside with long usage time and can be used as a power bank for phones.

Choosing the perfect drone in the price range

Overall, the DJI Air 2s is a good value for money in the segment of VND 30 million, not too expensive, not too cheap and completely accessible, features at professional drone range but the price is suitable for semi-professional users.

DJI Air 2S Flymore combo: Cảm biến 1 inch, quay video 5.3K và hàng loạt nâng cấp đáng tiền - Ảnh 6.

The outstanding image quality will definitely make many people “single” the Air 2S instead of other mid-range drone models.

The most valuable advantage of this drone lies in the image quality (1 inch – 20mpx sensor), which is integrated with many technologies and features that are only available on high-end, new-generation drones at a low price. much cheaper.

If interested, you can see more information and order now the DJI Air 2S Flymore Combo HERE .

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