Disney launches AI tool to change actors’ ages in movies in just 5 seconds

Tram Ho

While VFX professionals can still make the necessary modifications to make the older/younger effects look as realistic as possible, this artificial intelligence system handles the aforementioned effects. in a more efficient manner.

In movies and commercials, creating special effects to age or rejuvenate the actor’s face in the most realistic way really costs a lot of money and time. Accordingly, the VFX experts will have to manually change the actor’s appearance and portrait frame by frame.

In fact, Hollywood filmmakers themselves have attempted to automate the arduous, expensive, and time-consuming process using AI, machine learning, or artificial neural networks. .

However, these efforts have not achieved the results Hollywood studios wanted. According to the Disney researchers, systems that apply the effect of changing actors’ ages “often suffer from facial recognition loss, poor resolution, and unstable results on subsequent video frames”. However, things have changed with Disney officially launching its own artificial intelligence tool, which is considered “the first fully automated tool capable of changing the age of actors with effects. tricks”.

Disney ra mắt công cụ AI giúp thay đổi độ tuổi diễn viên trong phim chỉ sau 5 giây - Ảnh 1.

From left to right: Actor’s face (46 years old), face after makeup and hairdo (to suit the role at the age of 20), and image after being ‘rejuvenated’ by justice tool FRAN


Called FRAN, the tool is essentially an artificial neural network, ‘trained’ on data consisting of thousands of randomly generated artificial faces to gather the information needed for the effect generation process. facial rejuvenation/aging.

This, of course, saves more effort and time than using real people’s faces, as researchers don’t need to search and store hundreds of thousands of images of different ages (referred to by the researchers). recorded), with a facial expression, posture, lighting and background.

FRAN uses this information to make predictions about which areas of a real actor’s face will age (or rejuvenate), then automatically overlays new details — like adding or removing wrinkles. and chin — on video footage. Notably, with just 5 seconds, Disney’s AI tool was able to create an “aging” work for actors.

Disney ra mắt công cụ AI có thể 'hóa phép' các diễn viên trông trẻ hơn hoặc già hơn chỉ sau 5 giây - Ảnh 2.

The ‘aging’ or ‘rejuvenation’ is done automatically by FRAN

However, FRAN also has some limitations. For example, this tool will have difficulty with overly complex changes when the age gap between actors and characters is too large. Similarly, actors’ hair color will not change (to gray hair) during aging when using FRAN.

This is not the first time Disney has used AI to change the appearance of movie actors. Its research department previously launched a deepfake tool in 2020, with the ability to match extremely realistic faces.

Refer to InterrestingEngineering/The Verge

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