Discovered the infinite discount code of Amazon, the male student launched to the whole school to “use the temple”, with the total purchase of two iPhones 11 Pro

Tram Ho

Referring to one of the world’s leading technology companies, people often think of the top three names: Google, Apple, and Facebook. So who is behind the 3 big guys? That answer is Amazon – an American multinational company based in Seattle, Washington focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

For most users, Amazon has always become a trusted place to be able to hunt for the items they want. Not only convenient service, this e-commerce service also regularly launches discount codes so that users can save a few purchase costs. And also from here, a tragic story took place!

Specifically, Amazon Prime recently provided a discount code of £ 5 (150,000) for a single payment called Welcome5. However, a student discovered that the code could be used without limit, so it was revealed to friends of the same age, so they placed countless reserves such as toothpaste, toilet paper and beer. Cheap. A student even ordered a total value of £ 2,500 or more than 74.6 million, equivalent to 2 iPhone 11 Pro is the hottest right now.

Phát hiện mã giảm giá vô hạn của Amazon, nam sinh tung cho cả trường dùng chùa, có người mua hàng tổng bằng hai chiếc iPhone 11 Pro - Ảnh 1.

A student even ordered a total value of £ 2,500 or more than 74.6 million, equivalent to 2 iPhone 11 Pro is the hottest right now.

This code was used only once, but the brother of a roommate with me called to show that he had used it a second time successfully, ” one of the first people who learned of this answered. press like that.

A male student also shared that: ” The system only deducted 5 pounds for one payment, which means that if you want to buy something expensive then it will not be worth much. more than enough, and we started looking for cheap things to buy, toiletries, cheap novels, highlighter, paper clips or batteries … things that never needed during college years. to be taken home.

It became an addictive game we called: “What can you buy for less than £ 5?” And we found quite a bit of cool stuff. If a block of six beers costs £ 6.99, it means that we only have to spend 2 pounds (nearly 60,000) to buy it, which is really a bargain . ”

We placed orders continuously until 3 am because we were afraid that Amazon might recognize the flaw and fix it at some point, but they didn’t seem to be aware. The postman had to be scared because of the parcel. ours are too heavy, and come constantly, “another student said.

The incident was only discovered by Amazon on October 23, the fifth Thursday, while the time when students first “went to the temple” was on October 15. Currently the incident has been patched by Amazon, and this discount code is only valid for one use with an account!


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Source : HELINO