Discover traces of sugar in meteorites dating back 5 billion years, unraveling the mystery of the process of forming life on Earth

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Researchers have revealed a newly discovered fact: they found sugar in a billion-year-old meteorite. This fact reinforces the long-standing scientific debate that the starting point of life on Earth originated as a meteorite from the Universe.

In this study, the scientists looked at three meteors all, one of which fell to Australia in 1966, dating back 5 billion years.

Specifically, they discovered sugars that were “determining the viability of life” such as ribose, arabinose and xylose; In particular, ribose plays a key role in RNA formation. In addition, researchers from many countries have discovered many other notable compounds such as carbon, NWA 810 (CR2 type) and Murchison (CM2 type).

Phát hiện dấu vết của đường trong thiên thạch có niên đại 5 tỷ năm tuổi, vén màn bí ẩn về quá trình hình thành sự sống trên Trái Đất - Ảnh 1.

It’s amazing that ribose-thin molecules can exist on such an ancient stone, ” said Jason Dworkin, co-author of the study. The finding also suggests that RNA evolved before DNA, giving scientists little evidence to determine the origin of life on Earth.

It’s been a long time since DNA has been hailed as “the basis of life’s rise”, but in fact, RNA possesses more superfluous abilities; According to research reports, RNA can be duplicated without the help of other molecules. The fact that, together with the fact that we still haven’t discovered the trace molecules of sugar that make up DNA in any ancient rock, suggests that the hypothesis that the “RNA that makes life before DNA” is more feasible. .

The new study provides direct evidence of ribose’s presence in the universe, and that sugar has long found its way to Earth ,” said the chief researcher and lead author of the scientific report, Yoshihiro Furukawa. from Tohoku University said. ” Extraterrestrial pathways could contribute to the making of RNA on ancient Earth, and lead to the formation of life .”

Phát hiện dấu vết của đường trong thiên thạch có niên đại 5 tỷ năm tuổi, vén màn bí ẩn về quá trình hình thành sự sống trên Trái Đất - Ảnh 2.

Double-stranded RNA

The tests also eliminated the possibility that the earth’s sugar had stained a meteorite, tests showing that the sugar was actually coming from outer space. After obtaining the initial results, the research team will analyze whether the sugars on the meteorite are enough to influence the early life on Earth.

New research makes the evidence for the hypothesis that ” life on Earth originates from extraterrestrials ” more solid. In January, researchers discovered two meteorites containing amino acids, hydrocarbons and other organic ingredients. And yet, they also discovered traces of water, possibly dating from the time of the nascent Solar System.

Having confirmed this hypothesis, life – with humanity as a part of it – officially transformed into an alien creature that invaded the pristine Earth.

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ