Discover the Samsung UHD UR55 screen – 4K resolution with 1 billion colors

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Khám phá màn hình Samsung UHD UR55 – Độ phân giải 4K với 1 tỷ sắc màu - Ảnh 1.

It was when they had not encountered "difficult" situations that only wished at that time to wish they had used another monitor.

Full experience in the "dark" movie era to the throne

Along with the development of technology, the enjoyment needs of users are also becoming more and more advanced. This fact has motivated content producers to invest more in quality so that movies in 4K are no longer as scarce as they used to be. Therefore, 4K UHD displays like Samsung LU28R550 will become extremely necessary, especially for hard fans of the seventh art.

Besides the sharp frames to the smallest detail, movies now present a new challenge with enjoyment. Undeniably the fact that modern films are increasingly showing "darker" both literally and figuratively, many viewers have to "strain their eyes" every time they follow.

Khám phá màn hình Samsung UHD UR55 – Độ phân giải 4K với 1 tỷ sắc màu - Ảnh 3.

But when watching with the Samsung LU28R550 screen brightness up to 300 cd / m2 help you feel completely "illuminated" every detail without having to worry about not seeing when the scene is darker. A notable point on this screen is that the contrast reaches 1000: 1 making it easy to watch movies or process images, working easily in many different lighting environment conditions.

Besides, as a specialized support for movie enthusiasts when Samsung LU28R550 not only supports up to 1 billion different colors but also is equipped with HDR10. Many people think that this technology is redundant, but must really experience to see how black and white rendering affects image quality. Dark patches become deeper and purer whites but at the same time retain details that bring the image to life.

"Plowing" on the screen does not worry about sore eyes

For other monitors, keeping a long track on a good movie or simply working at a high tempo like editing photos or content will make your eyes tired and difficult to focus on every detail. This is because the blue light emits influence, causing the eyes to always strain no longer uncomfortable, bringing discomfort but also affecting health.

Khám phá màn hình Samsung UHD UR55 – Độ phân giải 4K với 1 tỷ sắc màu - Ảnh 4.

But on Samsung LU28R550, the ability to limit the blue light emitted from the screen as well as minimize flicker makes your eyes no longer "strain" even when viewed at the highest brightness. Becoming the world's first Eye Comfort 2.0 monitor from TÜV Rheinland, making the Samsung LU28R550 the right choice for those who work on a computer screen often.

Khám phá màn hình Samsung UHD UR55 – Độ phân giải 4K với 1 tỷ sắc màu - Ảnh 5.

Moreover, to make it easier for users to find the best balance for health and experience, Samsung LU28R550 offers many configuration options for different purposes. You should choose Cinema view mode to fully enjoy the movie according to the director's color scheme and brightness. Or if you want to operate in a variety of lighting conditions and still feel comfortable, you should look to Dynamic Contrast mode. Or, if you like to make yourself a bit hard, you can completely change the lighting, contrast and color options to your liking.

Goods "parcel" for people graphics

When it comes to color, it is possible for moviegoers, which is not really important for ordinary entertainment needs. However, for people who work in design, graphics or simply edit photos, standard colors are the most concerned because no one wants to have a product that looks different from what they see. on the whole machine.

Khám phá màn hình Samsung UHD UR55 – Độ phân giải 4K với 1 tỷ sắc màu - Ảnh 6.

If you are familiar with regular screens, the first time you use Samsung LU28R550 you will be slightly overwhelmed by the amount of color that it brings. According to the company, this monitor covers up to 90% of the DCI-P3 color space, allowing accurate display of up to 1 billion different colors. Not only that, these colors are also calibrated by Samsung right from the factory, allowing you to just plug and play. Therefore, the image adjustment for "standard color" on this screen becomes extremely easy.

Khám phá màn hình Samsung UHD UR55 – Độ phân giải 4K với 1 tỷ sắc màu - Ảnh 7.

The interesting thing about this screen is its size. Unlike 32-inch screens that are a bit "oversized" when placed on a desk, though it feels good. This 28-inch option is both comfortable for desk organization and ensures that the distance you sit is not too far from the screen. Not only that, of course, the price of 28 inches is also much easier to accept than 32 inches.

Khám phá màn hình Samsung UHD UR55 – Độ phân giải 4K với 1 tỷ sắc màu - Ảnh 8.

The reason the overall size is not so big is because this screen has a relatively thin bezel. Although with 28 inches and 4K resolution, you can completely open 2 to 3 tasks on the same screen and still be able to work comfortably. Not stopping there, with a 3-sided borderless design, you can conduct "pairing" two monitors together for use, still creating a seamless feel without losing too much display space.

Khám phá màn hình Samsung UHD UR55 – Độ phân giải 4K với 1 tỷ sắc màu - Ảnh 9.

This is a great thing for gamers because in addition to supporting gaming with Game Mode, this pairing will give you the most realistic feeling for those who love to play driving games, aircraft instead of buying an expensive long monitor. With that, and AMD Free Sync capability helps gamers get really satisfied with every frame when playing high-resolution games and AMD graphics cards.

It's hard for us to find a screen like that, which can meet all the needs in the highest way. However, with the Samsung LU28R550, you will get almost perfect experiences from watching movies to playing games, from designing to graphics in the best possible way.

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