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“One of the interesting things about the job is the thrill of being given the opportunity to show your ability and every day learning a lot of new knowledge” – That is shared by Nguyen Tuan Son, Quan project manager at Wize Vietnam on one of the industries that attracts many young people who are passionate about IT.

When we are living in an era where technology has made great progress, the opportunities for software engineers are immense. At present, this industry is the top-earning profession in the IT industry and is considered the most stable in all social situations, always growing with positive numbers during the economic crisis. Listening to the sharing of Son – a young software enthusiast, will help you understand more about this interesting job.

Currently a project manager at Wize Vietnam , Nguyen Tuan Son has had many interesting and memorable experiences with the profession.

As one of the first members of Wize Vietnam , Son and his teammates have developed successful software products and are being applied at large IT corporations with thousands of employees. From a software development engineer, he currently holds the position of project manager at the company.

Wize Vietnam is a multinational company using the most advanced technologies in the world such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning … to help global partners improve and increase business efficiency. . Wize products are oriented to support products to automate the support process for customers. Wize fully utilizes the technology and architecture of Microsoft Azure – This is a hybrid cloud solution that marks a transition in software development, strategy and how Microsoft distributes its products. Currently, up to 90% of the Fortune 500 group believes in Microsoft's cloud service.

Son shared: “The different thing about working in Wize Vietnam is being able to proactively provide technical solutions. This is something very few international companies in Vietnam can do. Because foreign companies often depend heavily on the decision of the parent company or corporation. Working at Wize Vietnam gives me interesting and memorable experiences. The international environment brings differences from knowledge as well as towards practical application. So every day I work, I update new knowledge and have the opportunity to apply. "

Teamwork is one of the essential working skills of software engineers

At Wize Vietnam , the job of the software department is not outsourcing to other companies, but will develop software solutions to improve productivity and quality of work for customers. Son shared that this is an interesting and challenging job, but those who are passionate will get the recognition they deserve, not only by treatment but also as an opportunity to develop themselves.

Wize's architectural orientation is following Microservices, this is also a hot topic in the programming community recently. Microservices architecture helps to simplify and subdivide the system into many small services for easy management and partial deployment compared to the monolithic architecture. Clear separation between small services, allowing each service to develop independently. It is known that in Vietnam there are very few businesses and projects related to this architecture. “I know many developers are very interested in microservices, but their work is currently not relevant. Wize has been bringing a great opportunity for me and my colleagues to learn and explore new knowledge every day. ”

A relaxing moment at the end of the working day is enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the city from the great view at work.

In a project, skills of creative thinking and logical thinking are essential. So in order to raise his spirits or get creative inspiration, Son regularly participates in leisure activities with his colleagues, and at Wize Vietnam there are such comfortable spaces.

Wize Vietnam in general and the software industry in particular have given Son and his colleagues a lot of opportunities for development and breakthrough challenges. Son also shared:

“One of the luckiest things about working in this field is that I not only have accumulated work experience but also soft skills. People often think that IT people are very hard, but a software engineer at Wize Vietnam needs to learn communication skills, working style, because it will directly communicate with major customers around the world. For example, you have never talked to Jews and you have had the opportunity to interact and learn the culture of their country through joint work. Those are experiences that I never thought would have the opportunity to approach. And that is why I am passionate about this job. ”

Vietnam is a country with a high competitive advantage because of its ability to adapt, update trends, the inquisitive nature of the Vietnamese, and the opportunity for the software engineering industry to be extremely open. Therefore, it is worth challenging if you are a really passionate person in this field.

  • Wize Vietnam – a member of Wize Solutions Global, is a leading technology company in developing SaaS solutions in the fields of human resource management, education and automation. Wize Vietnam welcomes the talented software engineers to work at the company.
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