Discover the Eufy Security Camera set: 2K super resolution, night vision

Tram Ho

Khám phá bộ Camera an ninh Eufy: Độ phân giải siêu nét 2K, nhìn xuyên đêm - Ảnh 1.

A new set of security camera products from Eufy brand (under Anker) officially launched.

Following the product range in the smart home product ecosystem, Anker brand continues to launch a set of 5 new generation security cameras called Eufy Security (currently in the top 3 in North America and Australia markets), including Eufy Indoor PT 2K, Eufy Indoor Camera 2K, Eufy Outdoor Pro, Solocam Pro 2K and EufyCam 2C Pro.

According to information from the manufacturer, the new generation of security cameras all support 2K resolution for sharp, clear images that are twice as detailed as usual. Combined with a sensor eye with a viewing angle of 10-20% wider, just one camera for each area helps homeowners save significantly on purchase and installation costs as well as ensure space aesthetics. Eufy security camera has a modern design with black and white tones, compact size, can be used on the wall or placed on the table or cabinet.

Delving deeper into the technology, the night color reproduction mode cannot be overlooked. Even in situations with limited light, the sensor can still record clear, full-color images. This is an outstanding advantage compared to many other products available on the market when only black and white images are recorded.

Khám phá bộ Camera an ninh Eufy: Độ phân giải siêu nét 2K, nhìn xuyên đêm - Ảnh 2.

2K ultra-sharp resolution combined with night color reproduction mode brings images that are realistic, clear and similar to the naked eye.

Depending on the needs of indoor or outdoor security monitoring, users can choose the corresponding product model that has been optimized by the manufacturer. Specifically, with outdoor security cameras, the product has IP65 or IP67 waterproof and dustproof standards, wireless connectivity, large storage memory cards, and a battery that works continuously for up to 3-4 months after each charge. Or indoor security camera with 2-way talk speaker mic, siren.

In particular, Eufy security cameras are integrated with AI technology to optimize object recognition, motion tracking or communication feedback. The product is compatible with the Apple Homekit ecosystem, supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant virtual assistants, and image encryption standards equivalent to military quality standards, and AES 256-bit high-end encryption makes it easy for homeowners. use, just peace of mind with all images, private information.

The management application is compatible with all popular smartphones running iOS and Android operating systems today, with built-in Vietnamese to help users easily install, manipulate and use.

Khám phá bộ Camera an ninh Eufy: Độ phân giải siêu nét 2K, nhìn xuyên đêm - Ảnh 3.

Actual ability to identify objects of Eufy security cameras.

Khám phá bộ Camera an ninh Eufy: Độ phân giải siêu nét 2K, nhìn xuyên đêm - Ảnh 4.

Practically tracking the motion of Eufy security cameras.

The representative from the Eufy brand added: The product is genuine distributed in Vietnam market by Digiworld distributor, so customers are completely assured of the quality, experience and after-sales service, warranty up to 12 months. Users can find and buy products at many dealer systems, stores nationwide or online sales website of CellphoneS, Hoang Ha Mobile, Gu Technology, Akia Smarthome, SmartHomekit or genuine Eufy Official Store on e-commerce platform Shopee, Lazada.

Belonging to the famous Anker brand with many modern technology products and solutions, Eufy products inheriting the advantages of durability, optimization and perfection in both hardware and software have quickly gained trust and love. consumer preferences. All Eufy products are officially distributed by Digiworld, guaranteeing warranty benefits and many other lifetime technical support such as talking online with a consultant, quick feedback after 24 hours. Especially from now until the end of December 5, customers who buy Eufy security cameras will receive discounts up to 30 – 50%, details at /eufy.html

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