Discord updates video call feature, just press a button to join the chat room immediately

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In a new update released today for desktops, browsers, and iOS (Android version will be coming soon), Discord has enhanced video chat capabilities through Server Video, a feature that allows users to Join and withdraw from a video call with the touch of a button while in any Discord voice channel. Although Discord has had video chat functionality since 2017, before, you needed to create separate chat groups for each call.

Discord cập nhật tính năng video call, chỉ cần bấm một nút là tham gia ngay phòng chat - Ảnh 1.

However, with the new Server Video update, joining a video chat will be a lot easier, because you only have to press a button – it means you won’t have to tinker with messages. direct message or continuously add different contacts to different chat groups to focus enough friends on the same call. On top of that, thanks to this update, Discord now lets you share your webcam with Go Live at the same time, so if you want to stream content on your computer screen and show your face to your friends at the same time. , you absolutely can do it.

In a recent post on Discord’s blog, the company said it wanted to improve video chat for a long time, and when a pandemic hit, forcing people to work and study at home, they decided prioritizing the development of the Server Video feature to keep up with the schedule.

Discord cập nhật tính năng video call, chỉ cần bấm một nút là tham gia ngay phòng chat - Ảnh 2.

Along with the Server Video feature, Discord announced that it will officially support Discord on Safari of macOS, so you won’t need to install the desktop application anymore. And if that improvement is not enough, Discord also released a few other quality improvements, including improved video chat performance on Discord’s web app on Chrome so users no longer need to download the Extends Discord exclusively for Chrome.

Because Discord was originally developed primarily for gamers to connect with each other while playing games, Server Video is probably not a great choice if you intend to use it for office meetings. What about everything else? Discord is fast becoming a reliable communication service for both gamers and casual users.

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