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Hi everyone, I’m Rice – a DevOps Engineers somewhere in Europe. The job search process in Europe is also interesting. In general, there is also a fastidious company asking the machine model of each command , or the difference between each version (difference between version 12 and 13 of terraform: scared :). There are also instant noodle companies that prefer to play problem solving (for example, designing a pipeline to create subdomains using git push. Today I have free time, I bring two interview topics that I find interesting for everyone to discuss.

Thread 1

Company X needs to design an infrastructure plan for one customer (called Y). The goal is to host a containerized web application on AWS . Company Y’s web application is the document storage service . Users can store and confidentially organize their files .

You find out the “potential” problems with this design and give appropriate solutions .

alt text

Thread 2

Company Y asks Company X to design a release / deployment pipeline for the new project. The new project includes 3 client applications (IOS, Android, Angular) and microservice-based containerized backend (Java SpringBoot) . Tèo – Head of department – design a pipeline system as follows:

  • Master node
  • Build Slave # 1: Ubuntu 20.10, 2×2 Ghz CPU Cores, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD
  • Build Slave # 2: Ubuntu 20.10, 2×2 Ghz CPU Cores, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD

The 3 CI jobs include:

  • Check: Trigger = Git push, Steps = (run linters, run automated tests, build project, deploy to DEV env)
  • Release: Trigger = manual, Input = version #, Steps = (bump version number, build project).
  • Deploy: Trigger = Git push, Input = (version #, Environment), Steps = (build project for env, store artifact, deploy artifact with version).

Backend Dockerfile :

Teo asked your opinion, how do you feel?


In fact, there is no conclusion. Wish everyone to have fun, have any comments.

Somewhere, xx-xx-20xx


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