Detecting many violations of TikTok in Vietnam

Tram Ho

At the June regular press conference held today (June 5), Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Thanh Lam said: The interdisciplinary inspection team has been comprehensively examining TikTok’s activities in Vietnam. .

The initial findings show that the judgment of the authorities about the violations of Vietnamese law by the TikTok platform is reasonable. The inspection team found many violations. Testing activities will continue, the results will be announced in the near future.

In addition to the comprehensive inspection of TikTok, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thanh Lam said that the Ministry of Information and Communications has met and exchanged with the community of content creators and influencers on social networking platforms, including TikTok.

Phát hiện nhiều vi phạm của TikTok tại Việt Nam - Ảnh 1.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Thanh Lam spoke at the press conference.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Thanh Lam said: On the one hand, we check, detect and handle violations of cross-border social networking platforms and related organizations and individuals. On the other hand, it is necessary to call, provide information and disseminate the law to the community of healthy content creators on social networking platforms to help them comply and make the law right. At the same time, through their activities, content creators will actively contribute to creating a healthy social network space, contributing to the fight for cross-border social networking platforms to understand the right work. clean, doing the right thing, obeying the law is a long-term trend, helping them to survive, otherwise they will be dealt with.

Previously, in mid-May, a delegation to inspect TikTok’s activities in Vietnam was established with the participation of the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. , Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs, Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.

Phát hiện nhiều vi phạm của TikTok tại Việt Nam - Ảnh 2.

The interdisciplinary inspection team discovered many violations of TikTok in Vietnam.

Some of the inspection contents include the process of information censorship, user authentication, blocking and removal of information that violates Vietnamese law, and handling user complaints. These include checking distribution algorithms, recommending content for users, and collecting, managing, storing and using user data, ensuring information safety and network security.

The delegation also checked the observance of regulations on advertising, the management of celebrities and people operating in the field of performing arts on TikTok (Idol TikTok). In addition, focus on complying with legal provisions on child protection, prevention and control of social evils in cyberspace, and at the same time assess the impact of TikTok on teenagers.

The mission also checked TikTok’s compliance with regulations related to the provision of e-commerce services and the fulfillment of tax obligations.

The comprehensive inspection of TikTok was carried out in the context that this cross-border platform is having many mistakes when operating in the Vietnamese market.

According to authorities, TikTok’s mistakes have serious consequences such as creating a favorable environment for fake news to spread, causing economic damage and social instability; entice young people to imitate and follow bad and objectionable trends, distort the youth’s perception and lifestyle, and undermine the nation’s cultural values; facilitate illegal business activities. Piracy content is rampant.

Along with the comprehensive inspection of TikTok’s activities, the Ministry of Information and Communications also said that over the past time, the Ministry has continued to work with Apple on removing infringing games and applications in Vietnam.

Working with Facebook on violations and Facebook’s cooperation and training in Vietnam to jointly come up with new solutions to manage content on the Facebook environment more effectively, and continue to ask Facebook to remove the personal accounts, fanpage infringing.

The ministry also works with Google on infringing ads on Youtube and removing malicious Youtube channels in Vietnam.

From April 15 to May 15, Facebook blocked and removed more than 399 articles that posted false information and propaganda against the Party, State, brands, individuals and organizations (91%). . Google removed 1,901 infringing videos on Youtube (94% rate). TikTok has blocked and removed 51 offending links, posting false information, negative content (98% rate).

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