Despite users saying that it is unlucky, Apple will still use the number 13 to name the new iPhone

Tram Ho

iPhone 2021 will be officially called iPhone 12S or iPhone 13? Sources from an Apple supply chain have the answer, which is iPhone 13. Despite many users thinking that the number 13 will bring bad luck.

According to a recent survey, there are many users who think the name iPhone 13 is unlucky, because the number 13 is often associated with bad luck. They think that Apple should change the iPhone naming, simply call it iPhone 2021, next year it will be iPhone 2022, just like how iPad or Mac is named.

Bất chấp người dùng cho rằng đen đủi, Apple vẫn sẽ lấy con số 13 để đặt tên cho iPhone mới - Ảnh 1.

But a source from Apple’s supply chain in China has confirmed that the name of the new iPhone will be iPhone 13. The main manufacturer is Foxconn which is currently receiving a very large number of iPhone 13 orders from Apple. Meanwhile, Pegatron will continue to produce iPhone 13 mini.

The next question is when will the iPhone 13 go on sale? This question used to be easily answerable. From iPhone 5 to iPhone 8, all are sold in September every year. However, things have changed with the iPhone X. Since then, we are not sure if the new iPhones will go on sale in September, October or November.

Sources from Apple’s supply chain continue to reveal that the iPhone 13 launch event will take place in September, then will begin shipping in Q3. However, supply chains often ship earlier than the official release date, giving Apple time to prepare stock in advance. Therefore, iPhone 13 continues to be said to be sold later.

Reference: 9to5mac

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