Deploy Rails application with Google app engine-P2: Install SDK for local machine

Tram Ho

Hello everyone, Come and see you again. In the previous article, I showed you the basic steps to familiarize yourself with a fairly new application deployment platform of Google, Google App Engine (GAE). And also showed you the basic steps to deploy a Ruby application to GAE using GAE’s tool editor, CloudShell.

Today, I will show you how to install the SDK so that you can execute Google commands on your local Linux machine.

Let’s start!

This article I predict is quite short, because the steps to make this job quite simple. I will try to put the necessary notes here. And in the following article, I will show you how to configure SSL for the domain and perfect the product on this server

Install the SDK

Almost forgot -The prerequisite to practice here is that you must use Ubuntu, have created App Engine on Google Cloud and have clone repo the project to your local ✌️

In the project foder:

  • Step1:

You must add the Cloud SDK distribution URI to the project package using the command line:

  • Step2:

Import the public cloud key of Google cloud flatform as well

  • Step3:

Update the package and install the SDK

Usually google has a few backup cases installed here, you can refer

  • TH1: You cannot access the latest versions of the recently installed junk, you can visit here to get that heap with apt-get.gpg
  • TH2: If your distribution apt-key doesn’t support the –keyring argument, run the following commands:

So the bunch of miscellaneous has been installed. Now I started to manipulate directly with the SDK

  • Step4:

This command line starts to install the SDK into your local PC and directly connects it to the GAE account you are accessing. Follow the steps below is okie

After running the command, your console terminal will confirm the other steps, starting with

You choose Y (Yes)

It is confirming the GAE login in the browser and allowing the installation of the redundant SDK.

After that, it confirms that you choose the specific app engine:

In this step, you only need to select the number of the engine you will deploy the application to.

Next is to choose computer zone

This I don’t know where you are, so find out for yourself: v

After that, it confirms you succeed, the console is left:

Basically, here you have successfully installed the SDK. To check, you can run simple commands like gcloud info, gcoud help...

The remaining thing to deploy is that you need to configure the things related to the secret key, env … Maybe this section I will say in the last post: Deploy and SSL for the Domain. And the scope of this article on installing SDK I think it’s okie already. Deliberately

Thank you for watching the post. I synthesized documents from the original page and other fake documents, so please excuse me from the source.

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