Department of Cyber: ​​Security Collaborate with Microsoft to ensure network security and prevent cybercrime

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On December 19, the Department of Cyber ​​Security and Crime Prevention and Control using High Technology under the Ministry of Public Security signed an agreement to participate in the Government Security Program (GSP) with the corporation. Microsoft.

The GSP program was founded on the goal of building trust through transparency, by allowing governments and international organizations to use Microsoft technology to protect the government, businesses and citizens.

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The Department of Cyber ​​Security and Crime Prevention and Use of High Technology signed a Government Security Agreement with Microsoft Corporation.

We had a quick interview with Assoc.Prof. Dr. Do Anh Tuan – Deputy Director of Cyber ​​Security and Crime Prevention Department using high technology to better understand the GSP agreement, as well as the benefits. Benefits that Vietnam has when participating in this program.

Sir, joining GSP will bring specific benefits for the Government in ensuring network security?

The Government Security Program is a very important cooperation agreement between the Department of Cyber ​​Security and the prevention of high technology crime against Microsoft Corporation in the field of cyber security. This cooperation will contribute to helping cybersecurity and crime prevention forces use high technology and improve the efficiency of network security in many aspects:

– Firstly, the two sides will exchange information on security holes, the situation of virus and malware infection related to Vietnam, through which cybersecurity forces and hi-tech crime prevention will take the initiative. deploy professional measures to respond to network security incidents, ensure network safety and security as well as effectively serve the state management of network security.

– Secondly, Microsoft helps us train the Ministry of Public Security’s network security task force to have full technical and professional competence in service of security consultancy, inspection, evaluation and appraisal. network for important national information systems and departments, ministries, branches and localities.

– Thirdly, the two sides coordinate to deploy cloud computing services to ensure security and confidentiality, aiming to deploy more and more information systems of state agencies, first of all systems. information of cybersecurity and crime prevention and control force using high technology on cloud computing platform, thereby improving operational efficiency, saving infrastructure investment costs, operating personnel as well such as security costs, network security.

– Fourth, Microsoft will assist Vietnam in developing and completing network security standards and regulations in Vietnam in accordance with international standards and current provisions of Vietnamese law. has a Network Security Act.

Currently, many organizations in Vietnam still use old software versions with many security holes. Does participation in GSP promote software upgrades at these organizations?

Older versions of software and operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Office 2003, and Office 2007 are no longer provided by Microsoft for free security patches. These old versions of operating systems are mainly used for specific systems, such as: ICS / SCADA, old core banking systems of some banks but cannot be updated due to incompatibility with application software. or, if the owner does not want to update, only keep the request to look up old data. Most of these old systems are isolated from the Internet to reduce security risks.

Under the framework of the GSP cooperation agreement, if there are contents that directly support the upgrade of old software, it will patch security holes, do well to ensure network security and safety for agencies. , organization. Moreover, the GSP cooperation activities between Microsoft Vietnam and the Department of Cyber ​​Security and Crime Prevention and Use of High Technology include propaganda content to the community, deployment of cloud applications and services of Microsoft and strengthening the state management of network security. Therefore, it helps raise awareness and promote activities of applying new technology, replacing old software and removing non-copyrighted software.

In addition, through this cooperation, we will also strengthen the fight against the types of crimes of counterfeit software trade, software piracy in Vietnam.

What is the support from Microsoft when there are many Security Lab in Vietnam such as BKAV, CMC, not to mention Security Lab from abroad?

In the field of cyber security, it is very important and important to update related information such as information about security holes, information about attack activities, attack campaigns … Domestic companies such as BKAV and CMC all have their own strengths and advantages, and so do Microsoft and foreign security firms.

Microsoft has the world’s leading security experts, with a huge amount of information on cyber-attacks globally, and it is also the place to update security holes on its platforms. Therefore, our view is to enhance public-private cooperation, in which we coordinate with many partners both at home and abroad to best serve the network security assurance and cyber crime prevention.

The GSP program allows the Government to view the source code of some Microsoft products such as Windows or Office. Does this mean anything?

In the GSP cooperation program, Microsoft allows authorities to directly check the source code of Microsoft software products at the Transparency Center. This contributes to helping national security agencies assess the level of product security and safety, build trust, eliminate, and answer any doubts when using the products. by Microsoft.

In the framework of the cooperation between us and Microsoft has just signed, we have not cooperated on this content. However, the Department of Cyber ​​Security and Crime Prevention using high technology may consider coordinating with Microsoft in assessing and assessing security of Microsoft products in case of necessity, serving security. for key national security information systems.

Thank you for the interview!

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ