Delete this application immediately if you do not want your bank account, Facebook to be appropriated

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Recently, cybersecurity experts have issued a warning to users about the need to check and uninstall as soon as possible a malicious application capable of stealing users’ Facebook accounts.

Specifically, a source from Business Insider said, the App Store app store has leaked a fraudulent application that helps hackers to take over Facebook user accounts.

Xoá ngay ứng dụng này nếu không muốn tài khoản ngân hàng, Facebook bị chiếm đoạt - Ảnh 1.

Many users have had their Facebook accounts taken over after downloading using a fraudulent app on the App Store (Image: Adobe Stock)

Dubbed “Pages Manager Suite”, the application is advertised as being able to help users manage Facebook ads. Before being removed from the App Store, the app showed up in the top position when users searched for “Facebook ad management app”.

According to Business Insider ‘s sources, some people who run ads through Facebook have had their accounts taken over after using the app. Hackers after taking over the account will run ads with the victim’s own money.

One victim, a leader of an independent advertising agency, said they downloaded the app two weeks ago thinking it would help them run Facebook ads from their phones. After just 10 minutes, this person lost all access to his personal Facebook account and some of the accounts they ran for guests.

The developer of this app is listed as Bronzelab SG Ltd, has no official website and the app provider is VI DO company.

In mid-July, Meta (Facebook’s parent company) reported the app to Apple, and directed users to its online help center. A list of steps to take after an account has been hacked has been sent to the user, along with a hotline or live support.

Phishing apps still appear on the App Store despite Apple’s “rigorous review”

Although Apple claims to have a strict app review process before putting it on the App Store, the company’s app store still has fraudulent applications. An analysis last year by The Washington Post estimated that up to 2% of the most popular apps on the App Store were involved in scams.

Xoá ngay ứng dụng này nếu không muốn tài khoản ngân hàng, Facebook bị chiếm đoạt - Ảnh 2.
Despite Apple’s “rigorous review”, fraudulent apps still appear on the App Store (Image: REUTERS)

In the recent case, a company spokesperson said the phishing app was originally posted as a simple document manager, without Facebook’s ad management functionality. This functionality has been changed after being approved into the app store. Apple has now removed it from the App Store.

According to Business Insider , in recent months the Reddit page for Facebook ads has been flooded with posts from advertisers who say they have been hacked and received little or no support from the platform. this.

This prompted Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to mention the need to invest “in building better customer support for our products”.

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