Define the test plan and the notes when creating the test plan

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I. Introduction test plan The test plan is a detailed document outlining the strategies of testing, objectives, testing objectives, and usage of test resources, including necessary personnel, software and hardware. to test, determine progress, estimate time, quality from test products. From there let us understand what is a concept plan? What is the role of a test plan? Steps to perform a test plan.

II. The concept and role of test plan

  1. Concept

Test Plan is a document describing the scope and software testing activities. It is the basis for officially testing any software / product in a project.

  • Definition ISTQB

Test plan: A document describing the scope, approach, resources and schedule of the intended test activities. It identifies other test items, features to be tested, test tasks, who performs each task, the level of independence of the tester, the testing environment, the design techniques. The test and import criteria are used and the rationale for their choice, and any risk that requires contingency planning. It is a record of the test planning process.

In other words, understand the Test Plan as an overview of testing a project. The scope of the project, the approach, STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle), resources and human resources required, features that need to be tested and not tested, the test tools and test environment required. Can for example test plan is a backbone of a testing project and is the first to be prepared when a project. alt tex

  • The role of test plan

The test plan acts as a blueprint to conduct software testing activities that are clearly managed and controlled by the manager. It helps us identify the efforts needed to create the quality of the application being tested. Helps people outside the testing team such as developers, business managers, customers understand the details of testing experience.

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