Da Nang: The “shadow” technology CEO inspired entrepreneurship

Tram Ho

CEO & Founder Karivara, La Thi My Le

After graduating from Da Nang University of Technology and Information Technology, La Thi My Le joined a technology company in Da Nang. After 7 years of experience in full stack developer and Project Manager, but unexpectedly, she decided to step out of the “safety belt” to start a business.

Đà Nẵng: Những “bóng hồng” CEO công nghệ truyền cảm hứng khởi nghiệp - Ảnh 1.

CEO & Founder Karivara, La Thi My Le at YEN-D Frontier, Thailand

As a good IT engineer, in order to set up a company, Le must try to learn many new issues such as business knowledge, system administration, human management … With the effort and steadfast to the end to pursuing passion, after 2 months of preparation, Le founded Karivara Company – Product & Innovation Studio with the orientation to become a technology ecosystem.

Six months after starting the company, she brought the first product called Grubity to the market. Grubity is an online platform that connects talented chefs with a large number of food lovers.

Not only running the activities of Karivara, with the desire to instill passion for the startup community, Ms. La Thi My Le also participates in supporting activities and events of the IT community and the Da Nang startup community. , Hue, as a mentor as well as a trainer at Women Tech Maker, teaches students at BTEC FPT International College.

In particular, CEO Karivara was honored to be the representative of Vietnam to join 14 other entrepreneurs at YEN-D Frontier, Thailand. This is a networking event organized by the government for CEOs and successful people from Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

“I really believe that when a man wants to achieve success, he needs 10 times more effort than other men, but when a woman aspires to succeed, she will have to make thousands of efforts. This time, my vision is to make positive differences and be a constant inspiration for women on the road to becoming leaders in their field, “ Le said. share more.

CEO of Enouvo IT Solutions, Tran Hanh Trang

Tran Hanh Trang is a former student of Le Quy Don High School in Da Nang. After graduating from high school, Trang has the opportunity to study at Monash University (Australia). Graduated with 2 bachelor’s degrees in Banking & Finance, but Trang had more love for technology, after working as a collaborator in website development projects.

In 2009, RMIT International University was the front page for an analyst & programmer. After 6 years working at RMIT gives Trang a lot of work experience. Trang married her high school classmate and then decided to leave Melbourne (Australia) to return to her hometown in Da Nang to start a business by setting up a technology company.

“What I want most is towards promoting, introducing Da Nang, Vietnam, an ideal destination to start a business, to the world. At that time, talents are no longer flowing away but vice versa, falling. to Danang and Vietnam. To do that, it is necessary to create a new ecosystem, an ideal environment and maximum support for people to work together and create together, “said CEO of Technology Company. Enouvo IT Solutions shared.

Initially, there were only a few people, so far Enouvo IT Solutions of Trang has more than 60 people, trusted by the authorities, domestic and foreign partners to order and develop technology applications. such as: Kuuho (in cooperation with CAS Company) in order to support the community and link with the city government in Da Nang to receive feedback from the people; Application to support managing library books enrichs …

Đà Nẵng: Những “bóng hồng” CEO công nghệ truyền cảm hứng khởi nghiệp - Ảnh 2.

CEO of Enouvo IT Solutions, Tran Hanh Trang

Besides, the company has been implementing more than 50 projects for many partners from Australia, USA, Singapore …, including applications developed for customers and the Australian market such as the web platform and mobile Myaccountant in the field of tax, DTI’s subway communication system, provides web applications solutions for Reach Markets customers; Reebonz – an e-commerce website specializing in selling brand name products in Singapore.

In addition to running a technology company specializing in developing software products for domestic and foreign customers, Hanh Trang also expanded its operations to build an ecosystem combining Co-working and Co-living. The first in Danang aims to connect and share among like-minded people and work from around the world as well as in Vietnam.

“With the establishment of co-working space model, the company hopes to contribute to attract and retain young and talented people in various fields, especially in the field of technology, to stick with Da Nang City. to cultivate creative ideas, start a business together for the development of Danang in particular and the Central in general, “ Hanh Trang shared.

Nguyen Thi Phuong Nhi, Community Director, Da Nang Business Incubator and Founder Google Developers Group (GDG) Central

Graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics, majoring in banking, but passionate about information technology (IT), Nhi spent more than 6 years working as a community builder, deploying a series of chapters. events, events for students and technology programmers in Da Nang.

In 2016, DevFest for the first time in the form of Hackathon was held in Da Nang and received the enthusiastic participation of regional developers. More than 60% of attendees are programmers from more than 10 IT companies in Da Nang, 40% are students in programming industry, Phuong Nhi was evaluated by the Southeast Asia Programmer Community Management Department high and later officially became the founder of this community.

Following the success of the first organization, through the seasons Devfest 2017, 2018, 2019 Phuong Nhi has shown her “coolness” by connecting many Speakers who are experts in the IT industry from many countries. At the conference, international corporations came to share “hot topics” as well as introducing new applications and software in the field of information technology.

Đà Nẵng: Những “bóng hồng” CEO công nghệ truyền cảm hứng khởi nghiệp - Ảnh 3.

Nguyen Thi Phuong Nhi, Community Director, Da Nang Business Incubator and Founder of Google Developers Group Central.

“Connecting important people, bringing many opportunities for the Da Nang IT community, especially improving the technical expertise for the programming community from basic to advanced, is the biggest motivation. so that we can maintain this activity with many new and interesting things, adding more emphasis to the technological picture of the coastal city of Central Vietnam, which is developing a colorful and open, “ Phuong Nhi shared. more.

In addition to being the Founder of the Google Developer Group MienTrung community, Phuong Nhi also holds the position of Director of Media and Event Company of Danang Business Incubator (DNES) and Ambassador of Womentechmakers. , an organization that supports and encourages women to develop resources and access Google technology.

“To maintain a community organization is extremely difficult, however, when I am truly passionate, I do something valuable and meaningful, the community will always support and welcome, Google Developer Group MienTrung later For nearly 4 years, still living, continuing activities, it is the greatest joy and happiness, “ Founder GDG added.

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