Customers frustrated by “pay tribute” of 25,000 USD to Apple are still locked accounts for unknown reasons

Tram Ho

Apple is no stranger to courtrooms, lawyers, lawsuits, and anything to do with the US justice system. The latest lawsuit was filed last week in the District Court of Northern California by an Apple user with a locked account. The plaintiff said that Apple’s terms and conditions allow them to close a user’s account because of “suspicion”.

Additionally, Apple’s terms of service prevent users from accessing multimedia content that they have purchased after the account is locked. The lawsuit claims that these Apple terms are illegal and dishonest.

In his lawsuit, Matthew Price said that he spent $ 24,590 on Apple content including platform services, apps, content, programs and extensions that were only accessible through Apple. ID.

However, Apple decided to block Price’s account, preventing him from accessing $ 25,000 worth of purchases. The lawsuit called Apple’s behavior “unfair, unlawful, fraudulent, and illegal” and accused Apple of violating certain California consumer protection regulations. The plaintiff demanded a trial, thereby issuing a permanent ban, preventing Apple from continuing its illegal acts.

Khách hàng bức xúc vì cống nộp 25.000 USD cho Apple vẫn bị khoá tài khoản không rõ lý do - Ảnh 1.

Price also asked Apple to compensate for the money he spent on multimedia content, apps, and other transactions he was no longer authorized to access, damages and attorneys fees. The court petition also includes complaints from many other users whose accounts have been blocked by Apple. One user said he got a call from a woman who works for Apple, for example. This person called him and said that he had violated some of the terms but did not reveal which one. Apple requires this person to create a new Apple ID and buy back all of his apps. If he wants to know why his account was closed, he has to hire an attorney.

Reading user complaints, PhoneArena discovered that Apple not only closes accounts, prevents users from accessing purchased content, but also takes away their access to any unused funds. store in their Apple account.

Price also revealed in his lawsuit that shortly before Apple locked his account, he bought an iPad Pro to use nearly $ 25,000 worth of content. When the Apple ID was locked, the plaintiff said the iPad Pro’s usefulness and value had decreased significantly. He accused Apple of “appropriating property” of customers because it was suspected that they had violated the terms and conditions of use.

In addition to asking Apple to compensate for apps and content purchased from the company, the plaintiff also asked Apple to “indemnify harm, costs, attorneys’ fees, and any fees deemed appropriate by the court. “. It is likely that this lawsuit will last longer because the number of customers denouncing Apple with similar content is not small.

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