Customer thanks for being saved by Apple Watch, CEO Tim Cook immediately sends thank you mail

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At the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple released the ECG ECG measurement for the first time. Since then, this feature on the Apple Watch has saved many lives. And in that many admirable achievements of the Apple Watch, Tim Cook chose a story to respond.

Khách hàng cảm ơn vì được Apple Watch cứu sống, CEO Tim Cook lập tức gửi mail cảm ơn khách hàng - Ảnh 1.

That is the story of the user named Raymond. One evening, he felt an abnormality in his body and Raymond decided to use the ECG feature on the Apple Watch to detect if there is any abnormality in the heart rate. As a result, the Apple Watch detected a total of four atrial fibrillations (Afib). This is a dangerous condition that can disturb the heart rhythm.

After that, Raymond decided to go to the hospital to diagnose his condition. He shared that his chest was as if it were shaking. After performing tests, the hospital confirmed he was indeed suffering from atrial fibrillation. It is worth mentioning that before that, Raymond used to visit this hospital to examine before but did not discover any anomalies.

Satisfied with the Apple Watch ECG feature, Raymond sent an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook and thanked Cook for bringing the Apple Watch to market.

In the email, he also promised to make sure everyone he cares about will use the Apple Watch. Although Raymond did not expect a response from a busy CEO like Tim Cook. But suddenly Cook responded and thanked Raymond for sharing his story with Apple, and he expected that it would inspire Apple to continue growing.

Khách hàng cảm ơn vì được Apple Watch cứu sống, CEO Tim Cook lập tức gửi mail cảm ơn khách hàng - Ảnh 2.

Tim Cook’s thanks to Apple Watch user Raymond

The ECG feature on the Apple Watch isn’t the only feature that saves many lives. The Apple Watch also has a very useful fall detection feature, and it has saved many people from falling unconscious. Or as the feature using Siri to call support is also very effective

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