Custom Pattern Matching in Swift

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Recently, I love to learn about components in iOS programming, then I can read a pretty good article about Custom Pattern Matching, now freely re-translate and share with everyone.

Custom Pattern Matching

Pattern matching is everywhere in Swift, you probably have used it a thousand times to deconstruct and bind values ​​as in the case of switch . Swift comes in a variety of templates that can be combined and used even switches for short and cool code.
First, let’s look at pattern matching in a simple comparison test example:

And there are several types that interact with each other, such as Ranges and associations like:

To be able to match within such a range is because ~= pattern matching operator. This operator is not seen much in common projects, but it is used a lot internally within Swift and it is the same operator used in validating case statements.
In most cases the operator is a simple encapsulation for equality testing (like the Int example above) but Range has a special setting for ~= which allows them to have a custom mode:

And we can overload it ~= to write our own matching logic pattern.
For example to be able to match “eighty” with 80, all we need to do is add a version of the String value match operator with Int :

In this particular case, the backend team wants to return an Int or String . And with custom pattern matching, you can use the more extensive type while still treating it like it’s mapped to a more specific enum type. This can be useful when you want to try out concepts without having to use certain types:

Creating option templates is a simple way to write cleaner code without too much effort. Because you can leverage cases to get straight to something without necessarily adding other attributes to your styles – and make sure your lines of code don’t become harder to understand.
Hope after this article everyone will try overload and use the ~= operator in cases like this.

This article I refer to from a quite famous blog , in this there are many good articles, if I have the chance will take advantage of translating all these articles.

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