Crowded recruitment to enter the Apple factory

Tram Ho


Tấp nập dự tuyển vào nhà máy của Apple - Ảnh 1.

Income up to 14 million / month

  Present in front of the gate of Lucxshare – ICT Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Van Trung Industrial Park (IZ) (Viet Yen district, Bac Giang) for many days, Tien Phong correspondent noted the scene of thousands of bustling laborers here. Sign recruitment. One day, they came from 5 am, hundreds of employees flock to this company to apply for recruitment.

Tấp nập dự tuyển vào nhà máy của Apple - Ảnh 2.

Lucxshare – ICT Vietnam Co., Ltd.

At 10am on June 18, although Lucxshare Co., Ltd. – ICT Vietnam announced to suspend receiving applications within the day, hundreds of employees still registered to recruit. Mr. Duong Huy Hoang (26 years old) in Tuong Duong district, Nghe An holding a file, said he went to Bac Giang province for more than 1 month to find a job. Yesterday, thanks to the fanpage of Lucxshare Co., Ltd. – ICT Vietnam, you know that the company has a large recruitment staff. “I am very excited about the recruitment of Lucxshare – ICT Vietnam Co., Ltd. this time. companies recruiting in large numbers, the total income for workers is announced to be quite high, ”Mr. Hoang said. Mr. Hoang added that he and 5 friends from Nghe An province also participated in the recruitment process of Lucxshare Co., Ltd. – ICT Vietnam this time.

Coming out of Lucxshare – ICT Vietnam Co., Ltd., a female worker in Lang Giang district, Bac Giang was pleased to say that she had been accepted to work at Lucxshare – ICT Vietnam Co., Ltd. Tomorrow, she starts coming to the company to train. She works as a worker, producing telephone headsets. The total revenue received by the company promises from VND 9 to 14 million / month.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ngoc, Deputy Head of the Management Board of Industrial Zones (IZ) of Bac Giang province, said that Lucxshare – ICT Vietnam Co., Ltd. has a scale of more than 50 hectares (production facilities in Van Trung and Quang Chau industrial parks in the district). Viet Yen) with about 24,000 employees. Mr. Ngoc confirmed, recently, the company has many labor recruitment campaigns to produce wireless phone headsets (AirPods) for Apple Group. To date, Lucxshare – ICT Vietnam Co., Ltd. has recruited nearly 3,000 employees and continues to recruit more. According to the company’s announcement, recruited workers have an income of 8-14 million / month.

Bac Giang will have more manufacturing plants for Apple

Mr. Vu Van Cuong, Head of Foreign Economic Relations Department under the Department of Planning and Investment of Bac Giang Province, said that Lucxshare – ICT Vietnam Co., Ltd. has been granted an investment license in this province since 2016. Accordingly, this company manufacturing and trading cables, connecting devices, electronic peripherals; manufacturing and processing electronic devices (headsets, backup batteries, wireless charging …); manufacture smart watches … These products are exported. The company produces and processes electronic devices with the quantity of 74 million pieces / year, including 4 million headsets and audio components, 1 million smart watches.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ngoc added that in Bac Giang, there is another company, Celink Vietnam, which also started manufacturing wireless headphones and smart watches for Apple Group. This company has a factory with a scale of over 10 hectares, attracting 6000 employees in Van Trung Industrial Park. “The products of wireless headphones and smart watches that Lucxshare – ICT Vietnam and Celink Vietnam produced for Apple Group all have Vietnamese origin,” said Mr. Ngoc. He said that Bac Giang will continue to have more businesses producing other products for Apple Group.

Mr. Ngoc said that the companies of multinational corporations in Bac Giang (such as Lucxshare Co., Ltd. – ICT Vietnam manufactured for Apple Group) received a lot of support to restore production. Specifically, Bac Giang province supports the entry of managers and high-tech workers to Bac Giang province to promptly restore and develop post-epidemic production. In early June 2020, the Chairman of Bac Giang People’s Committee set up a task force to receive and process information reflected by enterprises in the process of investment and production in this province. agreed to allow Bac Giang to invest in 2 more 1300 ha industrial parks to prepare for the new wave of investment after the epidemic.

Lucxshare’s mistake – ICT is facilitated to overcome

Unfortunately, Lucxshare – ICT Vietnam is the enterprise that built 1,000 illegal smuggled work in illegal workers and sent 700 workers from China to work without permission, so much that the Prime Minister had to direct the (Tien Phong reflected). According to Mr. Cuong, the opinion of Bac Giang province strictly handled violations of the construction, working environment … of enterprises, including big investors such as Lucxshare Co., Ltd. – ICT Vietnam in the production process in the North. Giang. However, Bac Giang province has also created favorable conditions for companies to overcome errors and stabilize production.

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