Creating traps to lure cheats, Valve let more than 40,000 accounts fly in one day

Tram Ho

Not only FPS games, even for famous MOBA games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, the problem of hacking cheats is still present, raging and leaving a lot of negative effects on the playing experience of gamers. . Valve itself – the developer of DOTA 2 is also very aware of this. Only recently, they have surprised many people by working hard, setting up an extremely sophisticated trap to be able to "pick up" a group of hackers and cheaters with amazing numbers.

Tạo bẫy để dụ hack cheat, Valve cho bay màu hơn 40.000 tài khoản trong một ngày - Ảnh 1.

A game like DOTA 2 is also heavily affected by cheat hacks

Accordingly, not long ago, Valve realized that DOTA 2 was suddenly interfered with by a third-party software. With this "strange" mechanism, gamers can see some information that is not displayed in the game, thereby bringing about an imbalance in the matches. Valve was also very responsive then, releasing a patch. But more sophisticated, they also installed a software called "Honeypot" – which can be considered as a piece of data that ordinary players will never see, but those who use cheat hacks will read. . And with this pitfall, in the past days, Valve has scanned more than 40,000 accounts using cheat hacks, third software that interferes with the game.

Tạo bẫy để dụ hack cheat, Valve cho bay màu hơn 40.000 tài khoản trong một ngày - Ảnh 2.

However, Valve made a wise move when setting up traps and "exterminating" the cheat cheats

According to Valve, all those scanned in the above campaign will have to receive the highest penalty, which is a permanent ban from playing DOTA 2, including professional players if they take advantage of this cheat hack. This famous publisher believes that fighting cheats is always his top priority at all times, and certainly, the game's imbalance will be punished appropriately.

Tạo bẫy để dụ hack cheat, Valve cho bay màu hơn 40.000 tài khoản trong một ngày - Ảnh 3.

And the end is that more than 40,000 accounts have "failed" after one day

It can be seen that Valve's delicate processing is worthy for other developers to follow in the future. In addition to the fact that Bungie, the publisher of Destiny 2, has just won a lawsuit against the cheat hacking group for an amount of nearly 100 billion VND, it is likely that in the future, cheat hacking will no longer be an eternal problem of the gaming village as it is now.

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Source : Genk