Create Jenkins Job and Clone Repository From GitHub

Tram Ho

Hi everyone, as everyone knows, there are many ways to deploy applications on the server, to

1. Install Jenkin on window

The steps to install jenkins are quite simple, go to the Jenkins Download website and download it according to your operating system. Here I use the window, download the .exe file for the window and install.

Run the installation file and select some recommended plubin and Jenkins will install it yourself Install Jenkin

If you use ubuntu can refer here: Install jenkins on ubuntu

2. Create user

Next, create a user with the administrative role to log in and use Jenkins Creae User

After installation is complete, I will go into the main job of creating job build project.

4. Create new Job

First, click the New Item button to create a new job Create new job

Then enter the name of the job you want to create and choose the freestyle project, which is the most flexible Create new job

5. Config source github

Next, go to the config source github for the job. Config repository

And config credentials to pull code. Config source and authority

Config the time your job will be activated.

Example: Creating a schedule every 15 minutes will probe git repo, if anything changes, the build will automatically create a build. Build Trigger

7. Build source

To build the job with the source git just configured, click the Build Now button to start the job run. When the build is completed, the job will be listed in the Build History section. Build source

9. View Log

To view the log run job, click Console Output to view. View log

10. Result

So I have finished instructions on how to install jenkin and create job clone repository from github, my article has attached pictures of quite detailed steps, hope you will do it successfully! Thank you for following up on my article.

See you!


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