COVID-19: Google thanks the silent sacrifice of the physician

Tram Ho

On April 13, Google changed the doodle interface to show its gratitude, thanks to the medical staff who are fighting the COVID-19 epidemic day and night.

When you click on the doodle interface, the keyword displayed in Vietnam is “COVID-19” which leads users to all the official sources in our country to update the progress of the epidemic like the information page of the Ministry of Health. ; top news articles; Help and information about COVID-19 from the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and the World Health Organization (WHO).

COVID-19: Google cảm ơn sự hy sinh thầm lặng của y bác sĩ - Ảnh 1.

In addition, information on the number of positive cases, cured cases and the number of deaths from this dangerous virus.

Also here, basic information about the disease, its origin, symptoms, routes of transmission and disease prevention are also clearly summarized.

Diseases caused by corona virus (COVID-19) are contagious diseases caused by a new strain of virus. The virus causes respiratory illness (like the flu) with symptoms such as cough, fever and more severe cases that can cause breathing difficulties.

You can protect yourself by washing your hands often, avoiding touching your face and avoiding close contact with unwell people.

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Source : Genk