Court asks Apple to pay half a billion dollars to VirnetX for patent infringement after a 10-year lawsuit

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A Texas judge ruled that Apple must pay VirnetX $ 502.8 million in royalties for the “VPN on Demand” feature, a feature that allows iOS users to access a VPN connection. The two companies were involved in a 10-year legal dispute in which VirnetX – which is considered a “patent troll” – accuses Apple of illegally using technology it holds patents. to develop the “VPN on Demand” and “FaceTime” features.

In its statement, Apple said it intends to appeal against the ruling: ” This incident has been going on for more than a decade, regarding patents not related to the core functions of our products, and have been found to be invalid by the patent office. Incidents like these are only deterring creativity and harming consumers. “

Tòa án yêu cầu Apple trả nửa tỷ USD cho công ty VirnetX vì vi phạm bằng sáng chế sau vụ kiện kéo dài 10 năm - Ảnh 1.

Earlier this year, an appeals court held in the United States rejected Apple’s request to reconsider an unanimous decision from the judges, which claimed that Apple violated its patents. VirnetX. The current trial is taking place many times with complicated details, most notably in 2018, a federal court in Texas asked Apple to pay VirnetX a $ 502.6 million. for violating four patents relating to methods of internet-based communication, implying a reference to the technology behind Apple’s FaceTime and iMessage features.

But in November 2019, a court of 3 judges vetoed the above $ 502.6 million fine. However, the judges did not deny another judge’s assertion that some older iPhone models violated two VirnetX patents. This statement is what Apple wants the appeals court to reconsider.

Reference: TheVerge

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