Could Apple risk launching and selling an iPhone 9 in April despite the Covid-19 pandemic?

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Many months ago, analysts said the iPhone 9 will be released in late March and launched in early April. However, it is clear that this plan has been broken when the epidemic situation is extremely stressful. in America.

Apple có thể “mạo hiểm” ra mắt và bán iPhone 9 vào tháng 4 bất chấp đại dịch Covid-19? - Ảnh 1.

Not to mention that Apple also has to consider launching the iPhone to ensure sales, especially in the context of a series of Apple Store and authorized Apple stores are forced to close around the world, except China. .

Recently leaker Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) revealed that Apple has confirmed it will launch the iPhone 9 in April. Information on a leak in a brief meeting of Apple. However, the official launch date has not been decided because of the disease situation.

Apple is still considering the plans to launch and market. Of course Apple may debut online in April and sell later. However, according to Jon Prosser, Apple really wants to launch and launch the iPhone 9 in April next due to economic pressures and shareholder obligations.

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There is no need for further confirmation when this is a risky decision when the United States and Europe are becoming the heart of the world. These are also key markets for Apple and not being able to hit shelves in these markets will greatly affect Apple’s sales.

Apple có thể “mạo hiểm” ra mắt và bán iPhone 9 vào tháng 4 bất chấp đại dịch Covid-19? - Ảnh 2.

Before Apple, South Korean tech giant Samsung had to taste bitter fruits because of the disease. Specifically, the Galaxy S20 sales are lower than the previous Galaxy S10 version due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic and consumers have been forced to stay home to quarantine for months.

If Apple decides to sell the iPhone 9 next month, it will probably only rely on online orders and accept lower-than-expected sales.

IPhone 9 model is the successor to the iPhone SE with a design inspired by the iPhone 8. Specifically, the device will have an LCD screen, a Home button on the front with Touch ID sensor. However, the device will be strongly upgraded in terms of configuration. The selling price for the product is about 399 USD.

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