CoolSub: Add a smart shopping solution for modern men, buy 1 new busy every month

Tram Ho

The same is true with Coolsub, you only need to order once and each t-shirt, briefs, and socks will be delivered every month.

New way of shopping for busy men

Launched in November 2020, introduced by Coolmate – a name familiar to most male customers about quality basic products, Coolsub is a service that customers only need to choose to book once. and receive basic boxes periodically. (Subscription model)

Going from the fact that many men stand in front of their lockers every morning but do not know what to choose, new and old clothes are stored in the closet and do not remember which one is before or after, consuming a lot of thinking and money but still busy with old, old shirts, .. now with Coolsub will be a time-saving option to buy basic items each month, while also saving costs when buying individual items. Only from 229k, a box of items including plain t-shirts, briefs, socks and masks will be delivered to the customer, and the freeship will be left.

CoolSub: Thêm giải pháp mua sắm thông minh cho nam giới hiện đại, mua 1 lần đồ mới bận mỗi tháng - Ảnh 1.

“While developing Coolmate, we have seen groups of customers with really simple needs that have not been solved yet. There are customers who are programmers, who don’t even want to think about shopping. want to spend time on the lines of code; there is a customer who has a wife’s family to buy time for each month but does not like it, does not dare to criticize his wife’s sadness, that generates the desire to order once, and so on Newly delivered to the house every month to be busy, do not have to think or remember anything about my locker. Coolsub was born to meet that need. “

CoolSub: Thêm giải pháp mua sắm thông minh cho nam giới hiện đại, mua 1 lần đồ mới bận mỗi tháng - Ảnh 2.

“Men’s needs are really simple, I know I’m busy with size L, dark color, no matter where I buy them, I come back and forth just like that, so I ordered it once, and then I got a shirt with it. New times every month without any concern “ – Anh Minh, Senior Developer, a customer of Coolmate shared.

Not many customers, but multiple customers

“229k for a basic box, including the shipping fee is an attractive price, because if you buy a T-shirt outside or online, the customer has to pay 200k-300k. Coolsub’s story is not how many customers we have, but how many times each customer will buy “ – Nhu Pham, CEO of Coolmate shared.

“Buy 1 time for periodical delivery”, also known as “Subscription Box” is a very new model in Vietnam, and currently no business has confirmed that they succeed with this model. Because, this is completely a new way of shopping, customers need to feel the trust and need for new products that they will receive every month. However, the world is not unfamiliar with this way of shopping, typically the name Dollar Shave Club. Demonstrate this need is necessary, the problem is how to solve it.

With Coolmate’s CoolSub, customers can choose or change the color, size of the product as well as the time to receive the next item box, not being bound by any general regulations. That is the strength and the way to connect and understand customers better. Customers trust buying a package of multi-box delivery service many times to save more than 40% if they buy retail, but that does not mean that they cannot choose or change. After all, it is still necessary to meet customers’ needs with the best price.

CoolSub: Thêm giải pháp mua sắm thông minh cho nam giới hiện đại, mua 1 lần đồ mới bận mỗi tháng - Ảnh 3.

Focus on product quality and neat operation

Whether there is a new, unique service, is the product at its core – what the customer receives, busy every day. Whether the fabric is absorbent, is it comfortable and durable? Are the things that customers care about. Once there is a good experience, new customers happily receive a new item box every month.

Starting a business from the beginning of 2019, Coolmate from the beginning has focused on product quality, went deep into the supply chain to produce products that meet export standards, distributed on the website platform without going through stores to ensure Guarantee the price the customer receives is the best it can be. Nearly 2 years, Coolmate has nearly 100 thousand customers, with more than 2000 5-star reviews of quality and service. Hence, this is a good platform to introduce Coolsub service.

CoolSub: Thêm giải pháp mua sắm thông minh cho nam giới hiện đại, mua 1 lần đồ mới bận mỗi tháng - Ảnh 4.

On the occasion of the launch, CoolSub is offering a trial discount of 50% for the first box of 3 boxes. You can choose from here .

Brand information:

Coolmate – basic locker for men


Hotline: 1900272737

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