Concerned about the repeated Galaxy S20 lesson, Samsung cautiously lowered the target output of the Galaxy S21 series

Tram Ho

In November, analysts said that Samsung would be more cautious in the production plan of the Galaxy S21 because of fears that weak sales of the Galaxy S20 series last year could return because the pandemic has not passed. However, Samsung has set a target to ship around 26 million Galaxy S21 units by 2021.

Lo ngại bài học Galaxy S20 lặp lại, Samsung thận trọng hạ sản lượng mục tiêu của dòng Galaxy S21 - Ảnh 1.

According to South Korea’s The Elec, citing an unnamed source, Samsung is expected to ship about 26 million Galaxy S21 units by the end of this year. This adjustment can be based on results from 2020.

Last year, Samsung also set a target to sell 35 million units but ultimately only sold 26 million.

Specifically, Samsung is expected to ship about 10 million Galaxy S21 units, about 8 million Galaxy S21 Plus units and 8 million Galaxy S21 Ultra units. In November 2020, The Elec revealed that Samsung will only produce about 6 million Galaxy S21 units. Thus, target volume has increased slightly based on the current market outlook.

However, by maintaining a total target output of about 26 million units, Samsung is still cautiously and modestly approaching the market in 2021. The Korean electronics company is looking to avoid oversupply scenario Galaxy S21 and wait for the market’s reaction to exceed initial expectations or not.

Even so, analysts believe that Samsung will likely sell more than 30 million units of the Galaxy S21 series this year.

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