Company for employees to work at home forever

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Twitter, one of the largest social networks in the world, will give employees homework forever if they like. '

According to the BBC , the decision was made after Twitter realized that working from home during the blockade against Covid-19 was still effective.

“The past few months have proven to be effective at home. So if employees want to work at home forever, we will meet this requirement, ”Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said in an email to employees. However, people working in parts such as server maintenance will still be required to work for the company.

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Twitter will let employees work from home forever if they like. Photo: AP .

Of course, those who want to return to the Twitter office to work will be "warmly welcomed, with additional measures to prevent epidemics."

Speaking to The Guardian , a Twitter spokesperson said they were "one of the first companies to adopt the home-working model by Covid-19, but it will not be the first company to ask employees to return to the office." work room".

Currently the number of Twitter employees worldwide is about 4,000. Since March, the company has allowed employees to work from home, while offices may have to close at least until September. The plan to reopen the office will be implemented carefully, step by step to ensure security

Not only closed the office, Twitter also suspended all business trips and employee events until 2021. The company also provides a $ 1,000 allowance for desk and chair shopping staff to work at home.

Sree Sreenivasan, a visiting professor of digital innovation at the Stony Brook University School of Journalism, said it was a "defining era" move.

“Some people may not take it as seriously as Twitter does, but the move is a lesson in workplace flexibility in Silicon Valley… People have shown they can be more productive at home. Many people told me they were quite tired from working harder at home, ”Sreenivasan said.

Not only Twitter, many technology companies also innovate in the way they work. Google and Facebook allow employees to continue working from home until 2021, while Amazon lasts until at least October this year.

Jennifer Christie, Human Resources Director of Twitter, admitted to BuzzFeed that the company's working structure may never be the same again.

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Source : Techtalk