Commemoration of Hung Vuong Group 2019: Providing IT applications for Hung Temple on smartphones

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Wishing to assist in searching, understanding, fully discovering the values ​​of the history and cultural depth of the Hung Vuong era, the Department of Information and Communications of Phu Tho cooperated with the historical relics of Hung Temple to build the part. software applications on Hung Temple on smartphones.

The main interface of information technology applications about Hung Temple

This is a complete guide to help users get information about Hung Temple most effectively.

Applications about Hung Temple are built on iOS and Android platforms. The application is provided completely free for users everywhere, especially convenient to visit the historical relic of Hung Temple. With compact capacity, friendly interface, easy to use, users can easily find information about the population of historical relics of Hung Temple with cultural and religious architectural works such as: Temple Lower, Trung Temple, Thuong Temple, Stone Temple, Thien Quang Pagoda, King Hung Tomb, Temple Gieng; Temple of Au Co; The Temple of Quoc Long Lac Long Quan … This information is presented in textual form, images and audio, visual videos.

Just hold the smart phone to connect to the internet with the headset, download the app “Hung Temple” on App Store, CH Play / Google Play or scan the QR Code to the device, anyone can hear the explanation. historical and cultural values ​​of Hung Vuong era. This system can support many visitors at the same time.

Besides, application software for Hung Temple also provides full information about the date, time, venue of the ceremony and festival activities held at Hung Vuong’s Anniversary – Hung Temple Temple in Ky Hoi 2019 The app also provides users with reliable information on accommodation, food, entertainment, shopping; General information about traditional festivals, landscapes, tourist destinations of the Land Area …

All of this information is integrated to directions, social media, direct phone calls and online booking of related services. Since then help visitors more convenient in the process of construction, planning to be able to visit more places combined with the activities of the Hung King’s Anniversary – Hung Temple Festival.

The information is provided honestly and vividly through the content of the software that effectively supports visitors on the spot, and also works to arouse the desire to explore the relics of all tourists intend to go to Phu Tho in general and Hung Temple in particular.

The versatility of mobile application software makes this product no longer merely a tool to guide on-the-spot interpretation to visitors but becomes a means of promoting the value of heritage and religion. education of effective history of the special historical relics of Hung Temple. In particular, with the location map function, the application supports compatriots and visitors easily find places to visit in the Relic easily.

Another great advantage of this application is that the function allows users, including visitors to visit the Relic directly and all people in and outside the country can merit to repair the Hung Temple in shape. online mode through the banking system. After merit, the system automatically sends a thank you message to the merit. In addition, the application allows users to contribute ideas to further improve the quality and extended features of the software as well as other services that users need.

Mr. Le Quang Thang – Deputy Director of Department of Information and Communications said: Information technology application software to introduce and promote heritage on mobile phones is the trend of digital technology era with the characteristics of outstanding features and advantages. With the aim of contributing intellectually and effortfully, contributing to the development of the province in general and the program of the Anniversary of Hung Kings – Hung Temple Festival in particular, the Department of Information and Communications has deployed the construction of the application. Information technology about Hung Temple from January 2019. After opening and putting into operation the software application, we will record user feedback and continue to add other utilities. Through this, it is also affirmed that the human resources of information technology of the province can be sufficient to master the technology, meeting the higher demands of the society in the 4.0 revolution as at present.

Instructions on how to download application software to your phone:

First, access the App Store or CH Play / Google Play app store -> type the keyword “Hung Temple” or “Den Hung” -> run the installation and open the application.

Then scan the QR code to install the application using the default camera on the phone:

Finally, access the link

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