Coming to Hong Kong to meet with the tech and financial elites, Jack Ma is back?

Tram Ho

The Alibaba Group founder is currently in Hong Kong for a series of meetings with CEOs in the technology and finance sectors. This is part of Jack Ma’s series of global activities in the past few months. It is in stark contrast to Jack Ma’s “disappearance” over the past few years, when he became the focus of the Chinese government’s control of the technology world.

The Hong Kong Economic Times, citing anonymous sources, said the billionaire had many important meetings. Although Jack Ma arrived in Hong Kong a few days ago, his activities have always been kept under wraps.

Đến Hồng Kông họp với giới tinh hoa công nghệ và tài chính, Jack Ma đã trở lại? - Ảnh 1.

Since the end of 2022, Jack Ma has trotted around the world just like he did when he was China’s most popular billionaire a few years ago. Before that, it was said that Jack Ma chose to live quietly in a rural area on the outskirts of Tokyo. Later, the media discovered that he had come to Thailand and participated in activities such as enjoying food or attending a Muay Thai match. He visited the US and Israel in November.

Jack Ma’s re-emergence comes at a time when Chinese authorities are loosening controls in the technology sector – which has plagued China’s internet giants. This month, Ma ceded control of his fintech empire, in what observers see as a signal that the worst is over.

Alibaba shares rose 3.4% in trading on Jan. 20, outperforming most of the market.

The positive information makes many people believe that Jack Ma is making a strong comeback. This man almost disappeared from public view after a speech criticizing Chinese regulators in 2020. Soon after, Ant’s billion-dollar IPO was suspended. A series of investigations aimed at Alibaba in particular and the Chinese technology world in general have also been activated.

Reference: Bloomberg

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