Coming soon to die, Windows 7 is still loved

Tram Ho

Only a few more days, Windows 7 will officially be “killed” by Microsoft. However, the percentage of users of this operating system is still very impressive.

On January 14, Microsoft will officially discontinue all support for Windows 7. This operating system from 2009 will present many security risks due to not being updated in the next few days, but for many people. Using that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

According to statistics from StatCounter, by the end of 2019, Windows 7’s market share is still at 26.7%. The dominant operating system is Windows 10 with 65.4%. Windows 10 is far behind in market share, but that figure shows that Windows 7 is still popular with many users.

Why users still prefer Windows 7?

Windows 7 was officially released by Microsoft in October 2009 and is now more than 10 years old. This operating system is a major upgrade in terms of interface, functionality and device compatibility. At its most successful, Windows 7 was installed on 900 million devices.

Starting with Windows 7, Windows 7 is still required to be installed on your computer 1 Windows_7_1.jpg
Windows 7’s market share has continuously decreased over the years, but still over 20% of people choose this operating system. Photo: StatCounter.

In the discussion topic “Why are you still using Windows 7” on the Reddit forum, many members have given compelling reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10. The irony is that “updated too often” again become the cause many people give.

“I don’t need any feature that is only available on Windows 10. Windows 7 doesn’t change the interface twice a year and I don’t have to worry about an update causing a bug. It also does not have junk software, smooth use, but the user interface is much better than Windows 10, ”MickJof users share.

“The machine is still running fine, no problem so I do not see any reason to spend money to upgrade to Windows 10 at all,” someone_somewhere user commented.

Another common reason is that Microsoft has begun to integrate the Microsoft account quite deeply from the Windows 10 operating system. Users need to have an account to sync settings on their computer or use Microsoft services, which The company did not ask for it when using Windows 7.

First launched, Windows 7 was loved by the image 2 windows_3.jpg
Windows 7 is loved for its smooth, beautiful interface. Until now, many people still choose to use this operating system because Windows 10 does not have many outstanding points. Photo: Microsoft.

“Windows 7 did not start automatically and allowed me to interfere with that process. Windows 7 also allows me to create an administrator account without making me use Microsoft email. It also does not display a warning box if I have not logged in to a Microsoft account on my computer, ”the user just_wondering commented.

“And finally, Windows 7 has built-in minesweeping,” the user added.

Microsoft uses enough ways to force users to upgrade

Ever since Windows 10 was launched, Microsoft has had an attractive incentive for users to allow them to upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8 to Windows 10 for free until the end of 2016. However, by the end of the year The 2019 upgrade tool is still active, so users can still get to Windows 10 for free.

Starting with Windows 7, Windows 7 will still be available on the Z11010012020.jpeg image
Notice on the new Windows 7 update lets users know that this operating system is about to be “killed” by Microsoft. Photo: The Verge.

After that, the company kept sending notices on users’ computers that had not been upgraded to let them know that the Windows 7 version was about to expire technical support, and that users should upgrade to Windows 10. This notification caused them to fail. less annoying users. A lot of online articles “show” how to turn off these annoying notifications.

The discontinuation of technical support for Windows 7 next week does not mean the end of this operating system. After January 14, business customers can still receive support from Microsoft on Windows 7, but pay for the support package, instead of free as before. This support package lasts up to 3 years, with prices increasing gradually from 25 to 100 USD / year.

For individual users, after January 14, Microsoft will stop releasing updates and patches. Any security problems that occur after January 14 are not the responsibility of Microsoft. The more people continue to use Windows 7, the greater the risk of spreading viruses or malware.

Windows 7 will not die overnight, although the market share of the operating system will continue to decline in the near future. Like the still popular Windows XP, Windows 7 will remain in the hearts of users for a long time.

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Source : Techtalk