Come to life for the home entertainment corner with XBOOM speakers “quality like distilled water”

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Gone are the days when speakers were just… speakers. It sounds ridiculous, but very convincing. Now a speaker is not only for listening to music but also for fighting games, plowing movies, singing karaoke, opening dance floors … But that does not make it difficult for technology firms like LG when they have created an all- speaker. in-one, integrating all needs: XBOOM RN7. Do not let you wait long, here are the features “worth the money”, the reason why LG speakers are worthy for you to invest.

Lên đời cho góc giải trí tại gia với bộ loa XBOOM “chất như nước cất” - Ảnh 1.

The duo of LG XBOOM RN7 and LG XBOOM Go PL5 speakers are luxurious and smooth “elevating” the corner of home entertainment.

First of all, say what, the most basic feature of a speaker must be the sound quality. First of all, the LG XBOOM RN7 possesses strong, clear bass, the remaining bands are clear, smooth, with good detail suitable for all types of music from pop, ballad to rap, hip hop, dance, rock … Especially the “ultimate weapon” of this speaker must be mentioned is the Super Bass Boost technology that greatly improves the bass, increasing the depth and sharpness of the bass. On this account, LG XBOOM RN7 can weigh every party and just need the music from the speaker to play, it’s hard without swaying. Not to mention, it’s okay to fight the game, the sound is spoiled for real, bringing the experience to new heights for those who love the game.

Speaking of parties, whether indoors or outdoors LG XBOOM RN7 is quite suitable for its capacity of up to 500W with 1 Bass speaker, 2 Treble speakers and 2 Mid speakers capable of covering up to 70 square meters of space, easily portable. Movable suitable for many different types of space, indoors, outdoors, swimming pools, beaches can all “accept”.

In addition, LG XBOOM RN7 owns the main black color with rounded upper edges, the design emphasizes the 3 main drivers, especially the bottom bass speaker to help the product get luxury while exuding a strong look. strong. With this addition, the entertainment corner has to say “quality like distilled water”. Not stopping, the party without lights is also unhappy, the speaker also incorporates more colorful LED lights, changing rhythm with smooth Dance Lighting mode, increasing the excitement for outdoor parties. the room became an instant play floor. Have you seen any benefit?

Lên đời cho góc giải trí tại gia với bộ loa XBOOM “chất như nước cất” - Ảnh 2.

The quality entertainment corner of YouTuber Duy Tham with LG XBOOM RN7 has quality design and high quality sound with Super Bass Boost technology.

In addition, if you just want to chill chill with a gentle movie party on weekends, the XBOOM RN7 also has an optical port to easily connect to the TV, turning the room into a genuine cinema.

Lên đời cho góc giải trí tại gia với bộ loa XBOOM “chất như nước cất” - Ảnh 3.

Become a professional “scratch” DJ with the integrated DJ Pad on top of the speaker and on the XBOOM app.

Partying or entertainment without karaoke is really flawed. Rest assured with the LG XBOOM RN7 speaker, the brothers not only can freely show off their karaoke vocals but also create their own live stage with friends and family. LG XBOOM RN7 allows you to plug in removable microphones and a guitar to create your own shows. In particular, the voices of the singers “homegrown” can also be adjusted to become extremely professional thanks to the Key Changer feature with more than 18 different effects. Combining Key Changer with 3 Club, Drum and User modes of the DJ board, you can completely create your own melodies.

Lên đời cho góc giải trí tại gia với bộ loa XBOOM “chất như nước cất” - Ảnh 4.

Open the “dance floor” at home with a series of professional karaoke and Dance Lighting features.

In addition, if you like a hit song but can’t find a beat online, LG XBOOM RN7 will “handle” immediately for you with the Voice Canceller feature, which automatically separates the singer’s voice from the song, give you the karaoke version in a snap. This can even turn your room into a studio when you can freely show off your voice and produce recordings as good as professional singers.

To improve the home entertainment corner, you can equip XBOOM Go – another “brother” of XBOOM RN7, which is more compact and of course also multi-functional. With Meridian sound quality, dual bass for every taste and the ability to amplify sound to make the melody more realistic, the LED lights change according to the music. XBOOM Go is also impressed by its portable, stylish design, IPX5 waterproof and up to 18 hours of battery life, chill to the station.

Lên đời cho góc giải trí tại gia với bộ loa XBOOM “chất như nước cất” - Ảnh 5.

Shop more on the compact LG XBOOM Go for the perfect chill corner at home.

Life, work pressure, having a private entertainment corner to chill or gather friends for weekend parties is a worthy investment to help you “stress relief” and recharge. amount.

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