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The world today, technology developed like a storm, like Truong Giang waves after the waves first. Remember the time Bill Gates built Microsoft, created a revolution. Steve Job built Apple, changed the world. The idea is that the world is already champion, I doubt Larry Page smartly set up Google, Mark Zuckerberg, a talented young man, created Facebook. It is true that high human beings are highly humanitarian. Many nights OT collapsed on the keyboard, the sound of PM urging dead lines like thunder in the ear, suddenly complained, "The hero coding in the world is so much, what level do I have? Why do you have to be OT? "

10 years of war, spreading all projects from .NET to Java, from hardware to software, all Cloud and Bigdata, suddenly realized 4 levels of IT engineers

1) Coder (Cuder)


Coder is mostly an IT student after many years of cultivation to be able to paint. The experience has not been, do not understand the evil wickedness, the theory is memorized (mainly party history, socialism), but practice is drowsy. Most are code according to guidline, but not sure, leading to blind code, copy paste, if you encounter a bug, you will also die. However, strength is the spirit of enthusiasm, enthusiasm like fire paint and … cheap. If the score is right for a high-ranking person, the power like canvas painting is reversal, but only wrong, he plunges into the depths of the staff, suitable for outsource projects. This level needs good PM, Teach Lead is talented to show the way in the project.

2) Developer

Having fought for a while, experiencing a coder cultivation can reach the developer level. These people can read the sequence, see class diagram like reading the multiplication table. Sophisticated programming language, can look at design without code instructions, review code, fix bugs is as easy as hand. If better, developers can break through Full Stack Developer. People at this level can say to promote technology from front end technology (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) to backend (Database, .NET, Java), from Web app to Mobile (Android, iOS), know UX, Good at GUI, everything is good, any project is well balanced.

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3) Software Engineer


Reaching this level can be said to have reached the upper limit of the scene in coding. Engineer software is about the design pattern, technology savvy. A belly full of Cloud, IoT, Machine learning …, can analyze requirements to make solutions, design a large system like the Framework. They mainly do the process related to software development such as analysis requirement, architecture design and not code anymore.

Around the world, but software engineer masters are known as Bill Gate with Windows, Jonathan Ive with iOS, Linux Towards who created the Linux Kernel

In Vietnam, people who reach this level are afraid that like autumn leaves, count on the fingers

4) Computer Scientist

This is the highest realm of technology. If software engineers are technology users, computer scientists are the ones who create new technologies, great advances in science, in-depth research on computer algorithms and architectures.

Alan Turing who invented the computer, Dennis Ritchie created the C language, Berners-Lee who invented the World Wide Web as famous computer scientists. Without them, there will not be the same technology as today. It was like Vuong Trung Duong founded Toan Chan Giao, Truong Tam established the famous Wudang sect.


Seeing 4 levels above, just know how to look at the sky and call out loud "Heaven gave birth to coder, stars still give Computer Scientist?" Europe is also a high mountain with higher mountains, heroes in the world as much as sand out in the desert, the ocean. There is no coder who would claim to be single, she must defeat

The sea is extremely, Coder does not know how to achieve the realm above?

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