Code outsourcing company’s tragedy

[ Note: the article uses a few words of * van say * under the office desk. Will not be suitable for some siblings]
Projects that lack PM hard, enough range to clean up the vertical, what kind of way to go into the tragedy like the following article.
Currently, there are many brothers and sisters setting up teams, opening companies, most of them are outsourcing (web and mobile app) Most of them are small and medium sized companies, 30 ~ 50 people are already magnificent. However, not all companies have a standard project management process to ensure project quality. So I would like to share some experiences as below, hopefully it can help you.
_ First, Salesman will meet the customer, entice the solicitation, give the price in 5 months (medium project)
_ Done BA / PM will join Sales to get requirements from customers. Parallel HR will run away recruiting to do
_ Customers ok, sign contract and pay 30%, sales before 5% of that 30%, this month is warm
_ The lead team / lead project will be with the senior dev sitting break down requirement, calculating the task, finishing the team lead the time, with this requirement, pretending not to change anything, then do 8 months
_ The PM nodded, ok 4 months late, with the promise of making a good share of the project bonus
_ The lead team arranges personnel, divides tasks, scrum / agile types, eloquent: this project is 3 months old, he senior dev just training for 3 new kids who just need to bring 3 new dev team weekly working 5 days, 8 hours, not including OT evening + Saturday, working at home
_ After 1 month in 1 out, HR recruited 1 more guy + PM got a dev from another team to assist him
_ After 1 month, discover some misunderstanding of requests from customers + customers will see a certain website with good features, ask to do the same
_ After another month, the project basically failed perfectly. The leader of the team jumped into the sub-code 2 of junior, because the senior dev is hospitalized for tuberculosis
_ PM decided to pull 2 ​​other dev from another project, it took 2 weeks for them to read documents and understand the new ones because of 2 new junior dev guys in the code
_ Through the 6th month, the sales guy is now working for another company. PM still contacted customers to make time. Regarding the development team, the senior dev guy has been released, OT has been in over 1 week, the rest is still code + debug, the team lead has occasionally asked to leave the interview for some company.
_ After the 7th month, customers had a demo to watch
_ Through the 8th month, the customer pays 40% of the project cost to receive a source code "can be run by clicking on the buttons in the correct order" with the statement never to return.
_ Through the 9th month, 2 junior devs were fired due to unsatisfactory skills, poor performance
_ At the end of PM, he got bonus project as usual. The lead team who opened his own company Senior dev through Lazada made the HR double salary to continue to recruit dev to fill in the vacancy.
_ After several months outsourcing companies prepare to go bankrupt: v
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